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Speaking in Challenging Times

Zest Cafe, being a restaurant in Bangsar South, is passionate not only in nourishing our body but also our minds with their events. One of them in the Pitch ‘n’ Speak event series in collaboration with Pitch ‘n’ Win.

After the 4th Pitch ‘n’ Speak session in May, the restaurant had its Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #5 on 11th October 2014. This time with the theme called Challenging Times.

The session took place right after a talk event at the same place. In this second of the two back-to-back sessions, each of us was asked to volunteer to speak on a topic related to the financial challenges many of us are facing now.

Each speaker was to deliver 3 minutes of impromptu speech based on a topic given. Then he or she might want to relate the speech to his or her own business or company.

The speaker was allowed to pitch and promote about his or her company all they could, as long as he or she adhered to the basic rules. One rule was to make use of the two keywords given in the speech.

The keywords consist of a pair of related words, such as “Budget” and “friendly”, “GST” and “lovely”, “money” and “enough”. Obviously, the second word chosen was positive one so that we look beyond any challenges for future prosperity.

Yee Ming won most votes with his interesting speech

Yee Ming won most votes with his interesting speech

All 8 topics were taken up by various volunteers. It was a fun round of impromptu speeches by the speakers, especially when we could relate the topics so much to each of our current financial life.

Low Yee Ming was voted as the best speaker out of all. He was given a copy of the book Sofia Leong Abdullah’s Guide to Franchising as his prize. The book author Sofia Leong Abdullah just gave a talk on franchising in the earlier session.

The host also introduced and promoted the Toastmasters Club he belongs to. Pitch ‘n’ Speak is similar to the “table topic speeches” in a typical Toastmasters meeting, except that the time given is longer here and the speakers are allowed to present about their companies.

Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #5 – Photo album

Authentic Storytelling in Pitch ‘n’ Speak

Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #4 was organized on 3rd May 2014, right after an earlier event called Pitch ‘n’ Talk #6 at the same place. Most of the earlier attendees stayed back for this later event.

The restaurant owner Ong Beng Chung started the event by introducing the why and how of Pitch ‘n’ Speak event series, and outlining the event agenda for the day.

7 members were invited to give an impromptu speech on themselves or their business making use of a keyword given to them. The keywords, such as “energy” or “radiant”, must be used at least twice by each member in the speech.

It was an exciting round of giving impromptu pitch yet relating the keyword back to our own business. Chew How Hoon and Ricky Soo were voted as the best speakers.

In the evaluation round, Karen Cheah from Toastmasters commented and advised each of us on our speech. In overall, she was very satisfied with the presentations today.

Evaluation by Karen Cheah from Toastmasters

Evaluation by Karen Cheah from Toastmasters

The two pitch winners were given more time to elaborate each. How Hoon presented her upcoming event platform on pitching and market validation. Ricky Soo gave authentic story what happened to his family many years ago, that prompted him to go into business serving customers, and later founding various event platforms such as Pitch ‘n’ Win to help people.

One unexpected result was the meeting between Marvin Lee from Singapore and Ricky Soo. Marvin was very impressed by the Pitch ‘n’ Win architecture and he developed interest to start similar events in Singapore.

Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #4 – Photo album

Pitch ‘n’ Speak Picking Up Steam

After the first and second sessions earlier in the year, the Pitch ‘n’ Speak event series is finally picking up steam in its third series organized by Zest Cafe on 12th April 2014.

Around 20 of us gathered and listened to the event briefing by the host Ong Beng Chung. He explained what the event was about and how each of us should present our pitch.

8 members in business or going to be in business came forward to deliver their impromptu pitch based on a keyword given to each of them. These keywords were:

  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Famous
  • Accelerate
  • USB (unique selling proposition)
  • Cash flow
  • Profit
  • Rat race

Each presenter must use the keyword given to him or her at least twice in the speech and relate to their own business. It was an interesting to learn each mentioned the keyword yet talk about his or her own business.

Participants with host Beng Chung and coach Lalitha

Participants with host Beng Chung and coach Lalitha

After the pitches, speech coach Lalitha Wemel commented on the pitches and gave us feedback for further improvement. We were blessed to have Lalitha coach us as she has been MC of the prestigious TEDxKL events for 5 years!

Karen Cheah and Alvin Lai were chosen among the 8 presenters as the pitch winners of the day. Each of them is given further time to gave full presentation of their business.

It was a fun and exciting session. Pitch ‘n’ Speak has attracted a bigger crowd this time. The event series is becoming better.

Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #3 – Photo album