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2nd Pitch ‘n’ Win Meetup By Marcin Marczak

After the first meetup in Marcin Marczak‘s house in August 2013, Marcin of Wireless Income organized the second Pitch ‘n’ Win meetup on 19th September 2013 (Thursday).

The event Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Wireless Income #2 this time attracted a smaller group of only 7 of us. Nevertheless, we did have a good fellowship together with Marcin sharing knowledge in his usual charismatic style.

Pitch 'n' Win fellowship in small group

Marcin Marczak hosted his 2nd Pitch ‘n’ Win meetup

All of us presented what we do or offer. Victor Lau, who had helped out in several other Pitch ‘n’ Win meetups as featured speaker and evaluator, pitched this time and emerged as a winner.

Rosemieen-Femide, a consulting helping to bridge clients’ problems with solutions, was the other pitch winner.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Wireless Income #2 – Photo album

Pitch Your Event With Marcin

After attending Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Zest Cafe #1, Marcin Marczak of Wireless Income joined as an event organizer and offered his conducive home in Pantai Hillpark as meetup place

This is the first Pitch ‘n’ Win meetup with a special focus. Called Pitch Your Event with Marcin held on 26th August 2013 (Monday), it’s an event promoting other events!

In this session, 8 presenters were invited to pitch and promote any event they were organizing or joining. However, for the first time we encountered a challenge in finding enough number of presenters. Luckily, we managed to get 6 presenters to talk about their events on the day.

Pitch 'n' Win hosted by Marcin Marczak

 Vibrant pitching event hosted by Marcin Marczak

As an experienced trainer, Marcin hosted and spoke in the event very well. He successfully raised the participation level and got the attention of all. One important tip he shared is the formula (W)ealth = (V)alue x (L)everage.

The pitch winners were Felix Lee and Rani Wemel. Felix from Exabytes was kind enough to give out many shopping bags to everyone. Rani also became the first participant to win a pitch twice!

Pitch Your Event with Marcin – Photo album