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Great Pitching Advice From

We organized a passion pitching event on 28th June 2014. However, we mistakenly put the event date on Eventbrite as 28th July 2014! When we discovered the error later, the event already attracted over 20 participants, thanks also to Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) for listing the event on their web site.

Incidentally, 28th July was the first day of Hari Raya. We hesitated whether to organize something for the registered participants or not. Finally we decided to proceed with the event and gave the event slot to angel investor network, who successfully organized Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL #4 on that day.

The afternoon session in event space Trep Alley was started with everyone introducing himself or herself. This was also an opportunity for participants who have not registered to pitch to share about themselves.

William Tan of then introduced about his angel investor network and also Sticky Angels Investor Club (SAIC) just launched to gather investors and entrepreneurs on a new platform.

6 entrepreneurs then took the stage one by one and shared about their idea. Each of them spoke for 5 minutes and then took questions from the audience for another 5 minutes. The businesses proposed included training, online platforms and mobile apps.

A quick round of voting was done to choose the most interesting presenter. Then Dr Loi then responded to the pitches and ideas presented. He gave valuable street-smart advice to each entrepreneur.

Dr Loi sharing valuable advice to pitchers

Dr Loi sharing valuable advice to pitchers

Based on the feedback gathered after the event, the advice by Dr Loi was already worth their attending the event. He shared what investors are looking for, and how entrepreneurs should mould their business model and investor pitch to be acceptable by investors.

The pitch winner was Steason Tee, a student in finance from HELP University College. He was invited to speak for a further 10 minutes on his interesting idea to build a mobile app to help car owners in case of car breakdown.

The networking went on for another hour after the event. We could have canceled the event but fortunately we chose to organize it that the session turned out to be a beneficial one for most if not all who participated.

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL #4 – Photo album

Chinese Sharing Event @ Trep Alley

Most business events out there are in English, but we have a huge population speaking other languages such as Malay and Chinese. There is no reason why there can’t be more events in our own mother tongues.

A member contacted us earlier to express interest to collaborate on a new event series in Chinese. The owner of Trep Alley, a new co-working space in Serdang, also contacted us to offer his place for our events.

As a result, we decided to organize two back-to-back events in Trep Alley on 12th July 2014. The first session was a demo meeting in Chinese to showcase Pitch ‘n’ Win event to the member. This was followed by the second session, a pitching event in English on raising funds.

The first event 中文 Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Trep Alley started at 1pm and was hosted by Eric Lim from SOHOland. Eric started by briefing the group what the event was about, and then he had all of us introducing ourselves.

Each of us then took 5 minutes to share about ourselves, our business, our projects, and anything about ourselves. As we needed to decide the best presenter later on, we listened attentively to one another in the meeting.

We had the privilege to invite Mr Johnson Liang (连俊维) as the featured speaker in the event. Born in Malaysia, Johnson became a well known speaker in China and just came back to homeland recently. He is a corporate trainer, certified NLP practitioner, and coach in communication and soft skills.

Johnson spoke 15 minutes on the topic called Secret of Communication – Building Rapport Instantly (沟通秘密-如何建立瞬间亲和感). He shared with us tips on communicating and developing relationships with people using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Johnson Liang taught us on building rapport

Johnson Liang taught us on building rapport

Wireless marketing specialist John Kong was voted for his best sharing in the group. He elaborated on his mobile solution to help businesses for another 10 minutes. The host Eric also spoke on his offer from SOHOland to help people own houses.

The event was the first public event hosted in Trep Alley, a new co-working space in Serdang serving entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners.

中文 Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Trep Alley – Photo album