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It’s Sharing Economy

Sharing economy is currently one of the hottest topic looking into the future. You can be sharing house, sharing trip, sharing communities, sharing other assets and resources for everyone’s good.

After organize 2 meetup events, Couchsurfing member Eric Lim from SOHOland was back to organize the third one on 29th April 2014. It was a specialized sharing session, with a slant toward sharing economy.

Interesting sharing by Shi Ping and Anjum

Interesting sharing by Shi Ping and Anjum

A group of 5 attended Pitch ‘n’ Play #3 to share their business and our thoughts on sharing itself. As it’s a small group, each of us could afford more time for sharing, conversation and discussion.

Eric gave away free stay in his sharing community as prizes to Ng Shi Ping and Anjum Mohammad for their good sharing. The gathering ended with chat and further conversations among participants.

The session also resulted in 2 collaboration opportunities with Pitch ‘n’ Win. A new event series called Pitch ‘n’ Validate event was decided for the next month. Discussion also started to co-organize interesting events with one philosophy meetup group,

Pitch ‘n’ Play #3 – Photo album

Start Your Co-Working or Co-Living Community

Eric Lim of SOHOland organized the second Pitch ‘n’ Play meetup on 16th January 2014 focusing on the theme to start a co-working or co-living community.

Eric started the meeting with a detailed explanation on his Co-working / Co-living Community (CCC) platform and how the participants could play a part in building up the community together.

Victor from Singapore, and Reda from Lithunia

Victor from Singapore, and Reda from Lithunia

Then all 6 of us introduced ourselves and what we could offer to the CCC platform and to one another. Reda Štarė and Victor Lau were selected by the group to elaborate further on their presentation.

In particular, Reda from Lithuania gave an interesting introduction on her community called PlateCulture where members dine in real home, eat authentic food, and connect with one another.

Both Reda and Victor won their prize to be a “proxy host”. They got an opportunity to stay in Eric’s co-living community and play the role of host to travelers around the world visiting Malaysia and living in the community.

Pitch ‘n’ Play #2 – Photo album

DIY Travel, Collaborative Housing & More

Eric Lim of SOHOland has been a regular member of Pitch ‘n’ Win events. As an active Couchsurfing member, he has been receiving and hosting hundreds of travelers around the world to stay at his place over the past few years.

On 14th December 2013 (Saturday), Eric organized the meetup event called Pitch ‘n’ Play @ SOHOland at his place in Cheras. Everyone was to share some travel experience in the gathering.

The meetup was attended by locals and travelers. The group shared their travel experiences to India, Indonesia, Japan and around Asia.

Leandro and Justina @ SOHOland

Leandro and Justina @ SOHOland

In particular, Leandro from Brazil and Justina from Slovenia shared how they had been traveled from their countries, met each other in India, and went from there to a few countries including Malaysia.

They also shared the idea of “DIY travel” to be able to travel despite limited time and budget. Leandro also took the opportunity to validate an idea he had in mind for would-be travelers.

The meetup ended with Eric sharing on the idea of “collaborative second home”. He received questions and feedback from the group. It had been an enjoyable discussion for everyone in 2 hours.

Pitch ‘n’ Play @ SOHOland – Photo album