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Purpose-Driven Year – Gratitude For 2013

A new group called Purpose-Driven Year was started in December 2013 to be continued once a month throughout 2014 to help members support one another in achieving goals in 2014.

Each monthly meetup focuses on a theme. Each member is to share a few minutes on himself or herself and relate to the theme of the month. Members then discuss, give ideas and help one another.

For December 2013, we focused on giving thanks for what we have and who we have become in the year 2013. It’s said that as you develop positive emotion toward what you already have, you gather more positive energy and attract more positive outcomes into your life.

The December meetup called Purpose-Driven Year – Gratitude For 2013 was hosted by Ricky Soo on 30th December 2013. It was also a preview for what is to come for future meetups in 2014.

Sharing of personal life stories

Sharing of personal life stories

10 of us shared about our life in 2013 and give thanks for what we have achieved and come to learn, albeit there have been challenges faced as well.

In contrast to other Pitch ‘n’ Win events where we vote for “winners”, here we nominate and choose a few members as “case study” to discuss further on their sharing.

Members chosen to share more were Dr Cham, Nazlee Aziz and Eric Lim. They elaborated on their life stories, received questions from others, and also shared their goals for the new year.

After the event ended, a few of us stayed back for a second round sharing with Wong Kai Yuen, the venue provider and owner of EcoGreen Organic Restaurant, joining in and sharing more on the latest thoughts in life and society.

Please join our Facebook group to receive updates and invitation on next events. Happy new year 2014 to everyone!

Purpose-Driven Year Meetup – Gratitude For 2013