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Kawan Gathering Turned Into Pitch ‘n’ Win

Projek Kawan was started by our founder Ricky Soo first as a personal initiative to meet up with friends one-on-one. Then he started to do a small gathering in July 2014 for friends to interact with one another.

On 6th August 2014, Ricky organized Kawan Gathering #2 in the soon to be closed or renovated nostalgic hangout place A&W Drive Thru in Petaling Jaya.

The gathering attracted around 18 participants. The A&W restaurant was so packed and the ordering queue was so long that most of us gave up ordering anything. Instead, we all gathered in one corner and started our sharing session.

Few days before this meetup, Ricky was meeting friend Abd Azharee Abdul Wahid for an usual chat in Projek Kawan. Azharee was sharing his experience about sending signal to God or universe to get precisely what he wanted.

Azharee was invited to this Kawan Gathering to share about Precise Affirmation. He shared for about 30 minutes to the whole group. The authentic sharing was well received.

Gathering of friends in A&W PJ

Gathering of friends in A&W PJ

After that, everyone was invited to share something about themselves for 2 minutes each. Some briefly introduced themselves, and some took the opportunity to share the business or project they are doing.

A round of voting took place after the sharing. Alex Kani and Mack Chong received the highest number of votes. They were invited to elaborate on their sharing. Alex gave a positive and motivational sharing on his own experience. Mack talked about his stock investing experience.

Unlike the first gathering of only 7 friends together, this time it was a larger than expected group and turned out to be more like PItch ‘n’ Win then Kawan Gathering. Nevertheless, as a typical Pitch ‘n’ Win session, it has been good sharing among all participants.

Kawan Gathering #2 – Photo album

Gathering of Friends Under Projek Kawan

Projek Kawan (meaning Friends Project) was started by our founder Ricky Soo in June 2014 as a personal project to meet up with friends one-on-one in order to develop new social habits and change his social life.

In the project, Ricky started to take initiative to ask a friend out each time for a chat. In each meeting, Ricky had no other agenda but to to Connect, Listen and Build up friendship with the person.

  1. Connect – Take the initiative to ask a friend out for chat.
  2. Listen – Listen to the friend and seek first to understand.
  3. Build up – Build up the friendship and introduce him or her on Facebook after the meeting.

At the time of writing (3rd August 2014), Ricky has managed to meet with 52 new and existing friends. However, not all friends he asked out could come to meet alone. He started to see a need for friends to meet in group instead of one-on-one.

The first such group called Kawan Gathering #1 was organized on 13th July 2014. 7 of us gathered in Zest Cafe and started our dinner together around 7:30pm which was the time to break fast during the month of Ramadhan.

Though the event was based on Pitch ‘n’ Win event model, it was much more informal. We had casual chat over dinner. After everyone was full of food, Ricky requested everyone to introduce another friend.

Each of us introduced another friend in the gathering, and tried to say something interesting about the friend. In particular, husband-and-wife Alex Lai and Yoong Hui Min introduced and told the group more about each other what we never heard!

Friends meeting up in first Projek Kawan gathering

Friends meeting up in first Projek Kawan gathering

After one round of peer introduction, each of us was asked to “respond”, “correct” and add on to the introduction given by his or her peer. So, another round of self-introduction went on in the group.

After all sharing, we did a very quick and informal “voting” by pointing our finger to the friend whose sharing each thought to be most interesting. Yoong Hui Min gathered a lot of “fingers” and she had her dinner paid for as a “winner”.

It was a first experiment to do a group gathering under Projek Kawan and it went quite well. Despite the small group, the sharing was fun and interesting. Ricky reckoned that it’s one of the best jobs he has ever done personally as a host.

Incidentally, the event was held on the first anniversary of Pitch ‘n’ Win which experimented the very first Pitch ‘n’ Win event also in Zest Cafe one year ago on 13th July 2013.

Kawan Gathering #1 – Photo album