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PITCH – Online Portal For Small Business

This is a pitch by Nitin Singhal from bizYantra. Please comment below if you are interested to know more. You too can pitch online.

How many ‘small’ businesses around us have online presence to sell their products/services?

How many have the idea of how to go about it? How many can afford to create that online platform?

We can help by offering this ‘huge’ community that platform at very reasonable price and get them up and running.

PITCH – Business for Life Transforming

This is a pitch by Winnie from SD Business Center. Please comment below if you are interested to know more. You too can pitch online.

A business plan that supported by a group of successful people with the objective to transform life.

Are you satisfied with current lifestyle? If yes, we will ensure that your income passed on to your family in unforeseen circumstances and maintain it to beat inflation/rising cost of living.

If not, we share the effective way of earning unlimited income base on you actual value. Seeing is believing.

Take the challenge! Those want enjoy financial & time freedom in effective way.