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Deprived -> Survive -> THRIVE -> Actualize

The majority of people in this world are in the “survive” stage, and even “deprived” stage. Only a small minority are in the “thriving” and “actualize” stages.

That’s a message given by trainer and consultant Desmond Sim when he organized and spoke in his second event called Pitch ‘n’ Thrive #2 on 25th February 2014.

We were blessed to use the poolside in The Nest as the venue of the event. A number of new friends and current members came and listened to sharing by Desmond Sim on how to move from Deprived and Survive stages into Thrive stage, and beyond.

Desmon Sim sharing in The Nest

Desmon Sim sharing in The Nest

After the talk, the group responded to the speaker and introduced themselves to everyone. All were free to relate back to their work and what they could offer.

Financial planner Kevin Neoh and hypno-therapist Joyce Hue were selected for their most interesting sharing. Both elaborated on their trade of business.

The Nest was also generous enough to give away free co-working vouchers to the pitch winners. All members were given a tour of the new co-working space. It’s been a beneficial session learning new ideas from the speaker and one another.

Pitch ‘n’ Thrive #2 – Photo album

4P’s to Create Multiple Sources of Income Online

Entrepreneur, consultant, life coach and social media expert Desmond Sim attended the Business Sharing Over Dinner meetup in October 2013 and got interested in organizing a similar meetup event.

Desmond who runs the Thriving Academy approached us and we decided to launch a new event called Pitch ‘n’ Thrive #1 – 4P’s to Create Multiple Sources of Income Online on 11th February 2014.

The meetup started with Desmond sharing the 4P’s on how to create multiple sources of income online. The four P’s are Positioning, Product, Promotion, and Profit.

The first Pitch 'n' Thrive meetup

The first Pitch ‘n’ Thrive meetup

After his half-hour talk, the group asked questions and responded to what was shared in the talk. Each also introduced himself or herself, and shared something related to the topic of the event.

After everyone had spoken, Ravi and Marco were selected to elaborate further on their sharing. Ravi talked about web development, and Marco from Barcelona shared his project to build a badminton community in Malaysia.

Imesh Liyanage from The Nest sponsored free host-desking vouchers to the pitch winners. He briefly shared about The Nest and MGVD behind it.

Pitch ‘n’ Thrive #1 – 4P’s to Create Multiple Sources of Income Online – Photo Album