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Success Through Financial Education

Few people would doubt one key success factor in life is education. Not necessarily the schooling, but it can also mean getting familiar with and achieving mastery in a subject matter.

Same goes to financial education to help achieve financial success. Toward this end, we organized a sharing event by experienced stock and forex trader, mentor and speaker Patrick Ku from T3 Malaysia, an academy providing trading workshops and education in investing.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #14 – Success Through Financial Education was organized on 28th January 2015 in T3 Malaysia office and attracted around 14 of us aspiring to learn more about financial education.

The event started with an introduction to Pitch ‘n’ Win and the event series Pitch ‘n’ Talk. We were seated in circle and everyone was invited to give a brief introduction. Although it was a talk event, we still gave opportunity for everyone to speak up and asked everyone to vote for 2 best presenters.

As there were two Mandarin-speaking Taiwanese from a forex trading company in Taiwan, some parts of the event were translated from English into Mandarin for them to understand what was going on. Both of them also spoke up in Mandarin, and were helped in translation by Patrick.

Patrick Ku sharing Success Through Financial Education

Patrick Ku sharing Success Through Financial Education

Patrick Ku then took over the session and shared about financial education and stock investing for about one hour. He touched on many areas including some principles, lessons and myths about stock investing.

There were many interactions in the sharing session. Many questions were asked by the audience and answered by Patrick. Some questions were basic and some were quite advanced. But all of us brought home something out of investing our time in the event.

Endrea Hugh and Nike Hung (Taiwan) were voted by the group to speak more at end of event. Both of them elaborated more on their sharing. The event ended with some networking among the participants.

Key Lessons

  • Give opportunity to everyone to speak up at the beginning to warm the participants up and get to know one another.
  • This event was prepared in haste – less than 1 week – but thankfully a good number of participants still turned up.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #14 – Success Through Financial Education – Photo album

Lean Canvas & Growth Hacking Strategies

Pitch ‘n’ Win delegate to MaGIC Startup Academy Launch event Jerome Lee shared what he had learned in the event in an earlier sharing session in Putrajaya. But the 2-hour sharing was not enough for him to share what he had learned from all good sessions over 5-days in the event.

So we arranged a follow-up yet self-contained talk session for him on 20th December 2014 under the Pitch ‘n’ Talk event series. The talk would focus on Lean Canvas and Growth Hacking Strategies he learned.

Hosted by Wadud Mughal, the sharing session Pitch ‘n’ Talk #13 – Startup Strategies by Jerome Lee was held in Storyteller’s Cafe, right after a gathering and birthday party for one of our members. Most participants in the gathering stayed back to listen to Jerome.

As usual, 6 guests from the audience were invited to share about themselves and relate their business to the startup theme of the event. Richard Kok was selected by the group as best speaker and he elaborated on his startup experiences including his recent trip to Silicon Valley for his startup iKargo.

Group sharing on Lean Canvas and Growth Hacking

Group sharing on Lean Canvas and Growth Hacking

Jerome Lee then shared what he learned from MaGIC on business planning tool called Lean Canvas, and how to quickly grow a startup using Growth Hacking strategies. Some topics were quite technical and advanced. But in overall the session was heavy on content and benefited everyone.

Thanks to kind sharing of Jerome Lee, and Richard Kok who added a practical perspective, many participants were satisfied with the sharing session. Positive feedback were received after the event, including a first-time participant who was not in startup circle.

Key Lessons

  • Even 2 sessions were not enough to share what was learned from MaGIC over 5 days.
  • Related sharing from participants adds new perspectives to the topic.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #13 – Startup Strategies by Jerome Lee – Photo album

The Secrets of WeChat Marketing

Teh Sheng (nicknamed 小明) was one pitch winner in a previous Pitch ‘n’ Win event. He shared interestingly about WeChat marketing that we invited him to speak in one talk session specifically on WeChat.

A Chinese-speaking event called Pitch ‘n’ Talk #12 – 微信一点都不微 (meaning Little WeChat is not little at all) was held in Storyteller’s Cafe on 11th December 2014. It attracted a good crowd of nearly 30 participants.

The session was hosted by Lim Keng Kee who first invited some guests from the audience to share about their business or themselves. Though it was mainly a talk event by a main speaker, we still insisted to open up for guests to share in line with Pitch ‘n’ Win as a platform for people to speak.

6 guests volunteered to speak. They were from education to property, legal service to networking marketing. The whole group were requested to two best presenters. Rene Lee and Jerome Lee were chosen for their good sharing.

One most popular Chinese-speaking event

One most popular Chinese-speaking event

The main speaker Teh Sheng then started to share about WeChat for more than one hour. He explained the potential and opportunities offered thanks to this messaging app originated from China, how one could join its various groups and build his or her business, and even how to win various rewards offered by WeChat and various groups on WeChat.

The audience listened very attentively. The talk was very hands-on as Teh demonstrated how to perform certain actions on WeChat. It was also very interactive as he led everyone to play games and get “ang pau” from WeChat!

The talk event on WeChat secrets ended within 2 hours but the networking went on into the night. The session was so successful that another event in collaboration with Teh’s group called Freedom Entrepreneurs Alliance (自由企业家联盟) has been planned in the next month.

Key Lessons

  • WeChat has great potentials, but not many people are aware of them.
  • Some factors did contribute to make this our most crowded ever event held in Storyteller’s Cafe.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #12 – 微信一点都不微 – Photo album