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2nd Mastermind Group on GST

We started the first mastermind and group consulting session in July. Danny Lim of Brexson Consulting spoke and consulted a small group in a mastermind setting where all members could help and learn from one another.

The chargeable event for RM200 per pax was repeated on 26th August 2014 . The event called Pitch ‘n’ Mastermind #2 – Prepare For GST Strategy Together was scheduled at night in co-working space Trep Alley in Serdang.

The turnout this time was lower as only 3 participants joined the event. Nevertheless, the session started with Danny sharing on certain topics in GST for half an hour.

Learning from one another on GST

Learning from one another on GST

Unlike the first time, instead of repeating the basics of GST, this time Danny spoke on more intermediate and advanced topics in the upcoming consumption tax. The audio-visual facilities were also better thanks to Trep Alley.

After the talk, the 3 participants started to ask and discuss the questions and challenges pertaining to implementation of GST in their business. The discussion and problem-solving consultation took more than 2 hours.

In particular, we discussed at length on particular problems faced in the construction industry, including the tax chargeable and its timing  in subcontractor work.

The 3-hour session ended around 9:30pm. It was again a good learning experience from one another for businesses on GST. We wish more companies could join in and be benefited in future.

Pitch ‘n’ Mastermind #2 – Prepare For GST Strategy Together – Photo album

Mastermind Group For GST Strategy

Our country Malaysia is going into the GST regime soon on 1st April 2015. Like it or not, the law has been gazetted and the consumption tax is going to be implemented. If businesses must face it one day, they might as well master it and excel in it.

There are many GST courses and workshops being carried out in the market. However, these are just for knowledge sake, and one is not likely to retain everything learned unless he strategize and put it to use in his own business.

One might get a consultant into his company too to check the systems and processes, and advise the business on what to change and how. However, an in-house consultant would cost a bomb to many small businesses.

How about take the best of both? An idea to do a mastermind group came up after a discussion between our founder Ricky Soo and GST consultant Danny Lim from Brexson Advisory.

We first tested out the feasibility by doing a free session on GST based on OpenSchool.MY event model. Many turned up and it proved to be successful and interactive session thanks to the group dynamics.

Then we promoted for the mastermind group consulting event called Pitch ‘n’ Mastermind #1 – GST Strategy For Your Company one week later. It was also our first trial to do a paid event. It cost RM150 for the first participant from a company, and subsequently RM50 each for additional participants from the same company.

On 29th July 2014 morning, 7 of us from 3 companies participated in our first mastermind event. The event started with some introduction and fun sharing by the host Ricky Soo.

Masterminding for trading, education, accounting and logistics industries

Masterminding for trading, education, accounting and logistics industries

Then Danny gave an overview of GST for about 45 minutes. After that, each company represented in the event got 30 minutes time for consulting and customized advice.

Each company first presented their situation, followed by Danny’s probing for more information. Then Danny advised the company on their GST strategy and implementation. All members in the group could also comment, help, and learn from one another.

The venue was a bit noisy that sometimes it’s hard to hear one another. We also gathered feedback from the participants and learned what to change in a future session.

Nevertheless, it was a good start for a new event like this – the first mastermind event for GST in the market, and the first paid event organized by Pitch ‘n’ Win.

Pitch ‘n’ Mastermind #1 – GST Strategy For Your Company – Photo album