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Take GST Easy with Nick Dahl

Danny Lim from Brexson Advisory joined Pitch ‘n’ Win events some time ago. Through his introduction, we got to know Nick Dahl, a trainer and tax consultant from Australia.

Nick had gone through 2 transition to Goods & Services Tax (GST) environment in Australia and Singapore. Now he has resided in Malaysia for some years and is advising businesses here on the transition and preparing for upcoming GST implementation in April 2015.

We invited Nick to speak on GST and coach us on preparing for the transition. Pitch ‘n’ Coach #5 –  GST: Take It Easy with Nick Dahl was organized on 30th April 2014 and hosted by Lim Keng Kee.

He gave us really good one-hour overview on GST and how to prepare for it. He also distributed GST material that we can read for more details later. All these for free!

Nick Dahl giving valuable tax advice

Nick Dahl giving valuable tax advice

In the Q&A session, many questions were asked by the participants consisting mainly of business people. All questions were answered and some of us were eager to hear from him even more.

Cin Dee Wong and Ng Shi Ping were selected as best contributors to the discussion. Soon Nick Dahl would come back again to speak to us in the upcoming GST Alert event series.

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #5 – GST: Take It Easy with Nick Dahl – Photo album

How To Increase Sales with NLP Modeling?

The Pitch ‘n’ Coach series entered its 4th month with trainer and consultant Horace Tee blessing us this time.

Horace is an expert and strategist specialized in sales and revenue optimization for companies. In this session, he focused on how to increase sales using modeling methods in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #4 – Increase Sales with NLP Modeling by Horace Tee was held on 2nd April 2014. The group gathered in one Starbucks and the host Rosemieen-Femide started the event introducing what Pitch ‘n’ Win and Pitch ‘n’ Coach are about.

Horace Tee then took on stage and started to share about selling and marketing. He taught us the LKT model to attract customers to Like, Know and then Trust a company in the buying process.

Happening coaching event in Starbucks

Happening coaching event in Starbucks

In the second half of the event, each of us shared something about ourselves, and presented our challenges faced in our own business. The case studies went beyond just selling even into business in general.

2 cases were selected as focus and they belonged to Chew How Hoon, Pauline Tan and June Low. Horace then focused on their cases and gave them coaching on their challenges. With some time left, Horace also helped answer questions raised by other participants as well.

Horace’s coaching was superb and the response was overwhelming, with participants eager to hear and learn more from Horace. We look forward to another coaching session with Horace again!

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #4 – Increase Sales with NLP Modeling by Horace Tee – Photo album

Turning Pitch Into Action

The Pitch ‘n’ Coach series took a new turn in its 3rd edition when we focused on business coaching this time. Pitch ‘n’ Coach #3 – Turn Pitch Into Action with Jimmy Yeoh was held on 14th March 2014.

Jimmy Yeoh is a veteran businessman who has gone through the up and down in his business and life journey. He has observed Pitch ‘n’ Win for quite some time, and one day he opined that we should do more than just pitching, but also taking steps to help turn the pitches into startups as well.

In view of starting a new event series with Jimmy, we tested out the response by making him a coach in the Pitch ‘n’ Coach series to coach entrepreneurs and anyone with ideas to start a viable business venture.

The event started with the host Lim Keng Kee briefing the group and introducing everyone. Jimmy then took the stage and gave a half-hour sharing on his experiences and how to go about taking action toward our entrepreneurial dream.

Business startup coaching in progress

Business startup coaching in progress

After the talk, the group members shared their ideas in mind. Altogether 8 business ideas were presented. Some ideas were not new ideas, but most were quite interesting.

We had a hard time selecting whose ideas to focus on, until we selected 3 “winners” out of the 8. They were Jayda Chong, Shi Ping and Wong Kai Yuen.

Jimmy then gave focused coaching and opinions on each of the 3 ideas selected. His advice was quite refreshing because he turned things around and helped us to see from a different angle. For example, one idea was about farming but Jimmy saw beyond that and advised the member to start a community instead.

We were pretty impressed by Jimmy Yeoh and decided to start a new event series with him as the coach and event organizer. Jimmy is going to listen to pitches every month, advise the members, and mentor them to turn ideas into reality.

All these for free of charge! Join his new Facebook group to get his mentoring.

Photo album – Pitch ‘n’ Coach #3 – Turn Pitch Into Action with Jimmy Yeoh