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Pitching Turned Into Consultation By Roger Kerk

Branding trainer, consultant and author Roger Kerk hosted the third and last meetup in his Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk series on 13th November 2013 (Wednesday).

The event attracted 10 business and working people from different industries. Everyone took turn to talk about his or her business or brand story for 3 minutes.

As usual, Roger gave feedback on each presenter’s business and presentation. Being straight-talking, he had no reservation in teaching and coaching us to be better presenter, business and brand owner.

In particular, Roger spent a good chunk of nearly half an hour talking about Pitch ‘n’ Win alone. Being an early supporter and adviser to the founder Ricky Soo, he gave candid comments and criticisms on Pitch ‘n’ Win, as well as BookPeckers also founded by Ricky.

Everyone benefited from Roger's valuable advice

Everyone benefited from Roger’s valuable advice

Pitch winners were Susan Guan and Jerome Lee. They gave interesting pitches about their therapy spa and cultural show businesses respectively. However, Roger chose not to proceed to the next stage for the winners to elaborate and ended the gathering on time.

After the event, one presenter and pitch winner in a previous meetup Eric Lim spent one sleepless night to come up with an emotional story for his brand. In the story, he tells how he has “dated” 200 women in 2 years! Roger has impacted everyone indeed.

Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk #3 – Photo album

Property Investing, Entrepreneur Funding and More

The first meetup organized by Roger Kerk in September 2013 attracted the highest ever turnout thanks to his charisma, valuable insights and willingness to share.

On 9th October, Roger Kerk organized Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk #2 attracted a smaller group but a number of business captains. All 12 of us shared about our business or brand for 3 minutes each.

Roger Kerk with business bosses and guestsRoger Kerk with business bosses and guests

During vote counting time, Roger Kerk gave feedback on our business or brand stories presented. He also shared his other events and gave a sneak preview on his upcoming book called Free Branding.

The pitch winners were John Lau and Alex Lee. John, who had many great experiences to share, elaborated on property investing. Alex started a local web-based funding platform for entrepreneurs to submit their projects online and meet with investors.

Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk #2 – Photo album

Pitch A Brand With Roger Kerk

Since the advent of Pitch ‘n’ Win in July 2013, we have been blessed by numerous coaches and advisors who have been helping us to move forward.

One of them is Roger Kerk from Free Branding. He is a branding guru, consultant, trainer and author. Together we organized the first pitching event with a special theme on brands called Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk #1.

Participants in the meetup could pitch their brand or business story. The brands presented also stood a chance to be featured in Roger’s upcoming book on on branding to be published in 2014.

The meetup was held on 11th September 2013 (Wednesday) in EcoGreen Organic Restaurant. The event attracted 34 participants, the biggest ever crowd so far in any Pitch ‘n’ Win events.

The highest ever turnout in Pitch 'n' WinThe highest ever turnout in Pitch ‘n’ Win

Cynthia Chiam from Success Factory and Tracy Poon from Hong Kong deserved to be winners with their winning pitch on their business and ideas presented.

Business networking went on until the restaurant was closed at 10pm. The event has forged some friendship and partnership. Some participants went on to work together in their business and one went on to organize own Pitch ‘n’ Win event later.

Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk #1 – Photo album