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Valuable Advice on Sexual Harassment in Workplace

Litigation lawyer Donovan Ho from Donovan & Ho shared with us on employment law in one OpenSchool.MY session 2 months ago. Recently he came back to dive into a specific topic – sexual harassment in workplace.

OpenSchool.MY | Laws on Sexual Harassment was organized on 27th January 2015 and hosted by Shinyi Tai. Somehow only a handful of people attended the evening sharing. We had dinner together and some small talk before the session.

Donovan’s talk covered the basics of sexual harassment laws in Malaysia, especially since the Employment Act was amended recently to address this issue in workplace.

Apart from telling us about the related laws, Donovan also gave some practical advice for employers and employees on how to deal with sexual harassment issues should these arise. He also touched on evidence issue and cited some real-life cases.

Everyone was benefited from the discussion

Everyone was benefited from the discussion

Despite a small crowd, the participants were still grouped into 3 groups to discuss how to minimize sexual harassment cases from happening and what to do should they happen.

After the group discussion, each group presented their ideas and solutions. Different groups presented slightly different perspectives. Lu Kenn was chosen by the group for his best sharing.

It has been an informal, informative and enjoyable session listening and discussing the laws, cases and ideas in the group. We not only have learned from the speaker, but obviously also from one another as well.

The event was free to attend, yet the advice and lessons learned were so valuable that it was indeed worth our attendance and participation.

Key Lessons

  • Some objections to the nature of the event were received prior to the event due to its sensitive topic. Good that we pressed on.
  • Try to cover topics few event organizers would like to touch on.

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Blind Spots in Malaysian Employment Law

We are honored to invite Donovan Cheah from the law firm Donovan & Ho to speak on Malaysian employment law. Donovan is experienced in dispute resolution and has represented international corporations in cases including commercial and civil litigation, unfair dismissal claims, international arbitrations, intellectual property disputes and judicial review proceedings.

The session called OpenSchool.MY | Blind Spots in Employment Law was organized on 19th November 2014 by open learning platform OpenSchool.MY. The event was hosted by Jerome Lee who had earlier introduced us to the legal firm.

The event attracted about 18 participants including business owners, branding consultant, service providers, working people and lawyer as well. We all listened very attentively to the informative sharing by the speaker.

Donovan shared abut 45 minutes on the Malaysian employment law. He gave a good introduction to the Employment Act 1955, to whom it applies to, and the basic facts. He corrected a few common misunderstandings and some blind spots people normally don’t see.

Some participants posed with Donovan after event

Some participants posed with Donovan after event

The session was not only about learning from the speaker, but also from one another’s cases as well. We were divided into 4 groups. Each group then chose a company among them and discussed some best employment practices that could be implemented in the company.

Each group then sent a representative to present their findings and solutions. By this, we got to learn from one another’s ideas and best practices. Business owner Yeap Eu Juan was voted and chosen as the best presenter.

After the presentations, Donovan came in to give feedback to the 4 presentations made and add value to them by suggesting what could be done to overcome the practical challenges faced by companies.

It was indeed an informative session by the speaker Donovan Cheah and also from the discussion and presentation of the participants. Donovan has been invited to present another topic again in one future session.

Key Lessons

  • Good speakers and good topics do help bring in more participants.
  • Practising to apply learning into real-life cases make learning more fun and practical.

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Developing Project Management Skills

The open learning event organizer OpenSchool.MY moved its event to Vecino Cafe located in Platinum Sentral, KL Sentral, thanks to the generosity of the cafe owner for allowing us to use the space.

OpenSchool.MY | Develop Project Management Skills was held on 11th November 2014. The topic this time was on project management delivered by project management consultant Tai Choo Tack.

Tai is a holder of MBA specialized in project management, a PRINCE2 practitioner, as well as a Certified ScrumMaster. He has accumulated with over 13 years of experience in the field.

The event started inside the cafe with everyone introducing himself or herself to warm up the session. Then Tai took over and introduced the basics of project management to the group.

His sharing touched on various aspects on project management. He also interacted with participants as he spoke and this aroused much interest and many questions on the topic.

As the air-conditioning of the building was turned off, the whole group adjourned to seats outside the cafe and continued the session. The participants were divided into 4 groups. Each group was to discuss a real-life project in their business or their work.

Group posed with project consultant Tai Choo Tack

Group posed with project consultant Tai Choo Tack

Then each group presented the project and how they were going about doing their project management. This sparked learning from one another as we got to appreciate the project management process through 4 different ongoing projects.

The speaker Tai came in to comment on the presentations. He also took many questions from the participants. Some were curious on the project management career and wished to find out how to become certified in project management like the speaker.

May Seow was chosen to be the best presenter by the whole group. It was a good interactive learning session. Many good comments were received thanks to the speaker Tai, the interesting delivery and the interactions in the group learning.

Key Lessons

  • Project management skill is much sought-after by employers and businesses.
  • Learn not only from the speaker, but also from fellow participants.

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