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1st Pitch ‘n’ Win Event in MaGIC

The first Pitch ‘n’ Win event in Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in Cyberjaya was made possible thanks to the D.A.R.E. BizStart 2014 event organized by MAD Incubator.

Two demo sessions were organized to showcase Pitch ‘n’ Win as part of the grand event. The first session called Pitch ‘n’ Win @ MaGIC – More Than Just Pitching was organized on 26th November 2014. The Chinese session came on the next day.

Rani Wemel from, who has been great supporter and organizer of Pitch ‘n’ Win since our inception, was given the honor to host the English session. She first welcomed everyone and introduced about Pitch ‘n’ Win.

Participants of one-hour sharing session

 Participants of one-hour sharing session

About 18 participants attended the 1-hour session. Everyone was given an opportunity to speak about himself or herself for up to 3 minutes. It was more than pitching. Everyone can share anything, from business to startup, from career to passion, in the stipulated time.

The event was gamified in that all of us chose the best 2 presenters among all who presented. Obviously most of us were curious about WeChat marketing and voted for KC Tan and Nick Albert Choo to elaborate more.

The host Rani also presented about herself and her online learning platform The event was closed by our founder Ricky Soo who elaborated on what Pitch ‘n’ Win is for.

Key Lessons

  • Collaboration with bigger players help bring more exposure.
  • It is indeed more than just pitching in Pitch ‘n’ Win. It’s about sharing anything about yourself.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ MaGIC – More Than Just Pitching – Photo album

Sustainability Talk by

My Mobile University has been a great supportive partner since the inception of Pitch ‘n’ Win. Since June 2014, the online learning platform has been organizing several peer learning sessions for members and the public to encourage mutual learning.

After their 4th session last month featuring 2 touching stories on entrepreneurship and physical challenges, the 5th session in this month focused on the topic on sustainability.

The speaker chosen from the last session, Andrew Quah, spoke from his heart on the sustainability topic misunderstood by many especially during the 90s when he first advocated on the topic.

Nevertheless, he persisted to raise environmental awareness to whomever he met, and now he is reaping the fruits as more and more people caught on his vision.

Andre Quah sharing on sustainability

Andre Quah sharing on sustainability

The event Learn with MyMobileUni #5 – Sustainable/Sustainability was held on 22nd November 2014 and was hosted by Noramumi Izdihar from

The main speaker Andre spoke for about 45 minutes on the sustainability issue, followed by the second speaker and MyMobileUni Ambassador Rajvin Kaur Randhawa sharing how she overcame cerebral palsy to achieve success in her studies. Rani Wemel, the founder of MyMobileUni also presented on the online learning opportunities available.

Everyone was given an opportunity to speak up and share a topic for 3 minutes. Ricky Soo was chosen as the best presenter as he spoke on the Free business model based on the book called FREE by Chris Anderson. He will elaborate more in the next MyMobileUni session.

Key Lessons

  • Many successful people were first misunderstood before being appreciated.
  • Novel topics like sustainability and free business model can attract attention.

Learn with MyMobileUni #5 – Sustainable ~ Sustainability – Photo album

Handling Crippling Failure + Rising From The Ruins

Open learning platform MyMobileUni has been collaborating with Pitch ‘n’ Win to organize regular learning meetups to complement its online learning since June 2013.

In a typical session, a main speaker chosen in the previous session spoke for about 45 minutes, followed by open sharing by everyone in the group. A voting is then carried out to choose the speaker in the next session.

Starting from this 4th session on 19th October 2014 hosted by John Raj, a second main speaker was added. MyMobileUni Ambassador Rajvin Kaur Randhawa, who has been suffering from cerebral palsy, was invited to share about how she overcame her physical and social challenges to complete and excel her studies, and is now continuing her studies on MyMobileUni.

It was touching to hear her life story, but nevertheless comforting to learn how she has overcome all odds to succeed in life. Rajvin’s sharing also showed MyMobileUni learning platform is indeed for everyone to learn almost everything online.

The event name this time was called Learn with MyMobileUni #4 – Handling Crippling Failure And Rising From The Ruins by Jimmy Yeoh, because the other main speaker Jimmy Yeoh was chosen to speak in the last session.

Jimmy is a good but humble speaker who has been so passionate to share how he overcame past failures in business and life, and came up to rise from the ruins to be what he is today in business. His talk has been instrumental for the rest of us so that we do not easily give up in life in face of difficulties.

Both main speakers shared some poignant moments in this event. Their stories have been so touching that we all listened so attentively and were so inspired and motivated by their experiences.

Rajvin sharing touching experiences

Rajvin sharing touching experiences

After the two main talks, Wemel Cumavoo from MyMobileUni briefed us all what the learning platform is about. Pitch ‘n’ Win founder Ricky Soo also introduced to the group about the open platform where everyone can speak and share.

Everyone also got a chance to respond and share something useful about themselves or their knowledge. Andre Quah shared interestingly about sustainability, and was chosen as the speaker to elaborate more on the topic in the next session.

Learn with MyMobileUni #4 – Photo album