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The Secret to Consistent 20% Stock Market Returns

MyMobileUni started its first learning event in collaboration with Pitch ‘n’ Win in June 2014. In that session, Mack Chong was chosen as the next speaker.

On 19th July 2014, Rani Wemel from MyMobileUni hosted the second session with Mack Chong sharing about the secret of getting consistent 20% out of investing in stocks.

The event Learn with MyMobileUni – The Secret to Consistent 20% Stock Market Returns by Mack Chong was held in a new place called SWAG Bar & Grill restaurant in PJ Palms Sports Centre. Its space on the upstairs was filled up by around 18 of us.

The event started with Rani briefing everyone about the free learning platform MyMobileUni and what the event was about. Then the speaker Mack Chong took over the stage and started his well-prepared presentation.

Being a trainer, author and investor himself, Mack shared his experience in getting high returns from stock investing. But the secret of stock investing started with having the right mindset, which was the focus of his sharing of the day.

Mack tirelessly showed his slides and screens of researching on companies – both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. He also took questions and explained some misconceptions on stock investing.

Mack Chong sharing on stock investing

Mack Chong sharing on stock investing

Everyone got an opportunity to respond to the topic and share some knowledge that might be beneficial to the peers. The sharing included Vijay from India who joined and listened through the session by teleconferencing.

In particular, Yeap Eu Juan, the General Manager of PJ Palms Sports Centre, shared about his views and experiences in starting his business and managing the sports centre. He was chosen as the speaker in next session.

As the MH17 tragedy just happened few days ago, Rani requested everyone to observe a moment of silence to honor and pray for the lost lives in the air crash.

Learn with MyMobileUni – The Secret to Consistent 20% Stock Market Returns by Mack Chong – Photo album

First Peer Learning Event with MyMobileUni

Cyril Mathias grew up as a child surrounded by greenery and green awareness. Encouraged by his late father, he went on to pursue his dream in making the world a greener place.

The eureka moment came when Cyril got his hands dirty and embarked on a solar project in Australia. Now he heads Amura Renewable Energy; manufacturing home renewable energy solutions, LED lights, bore well solar pumps as well as wind and hydro power installations.

Cyril was the speaker in the first peer learning event organized in collaboration with MyMobileUni. In the event, he shared over coffee on renewable energy, and some simple ways to save and reduce your electricity and water bills.

The event Learn with MyMobileUni #1 – Renewable Energy by Cyril Mathias was hosted by Rani Wemel on 21st June 2014. The session attracted a crowd of participants in the new Starbucks outlet in Bangsar South.

A Starbucks customer, Dr Joshua Low from University Malaya, got curious about the talk and joined us to listen. He happened to be teaching a related field too! He was invited to speak right on the spot after Cyril’s sharing.

Rani, Cyril and all of us passionate in learning

Rani, Cyril and all of us passionate in learning

It was an engaging talk with participation from the audience. We were happy having learned something useful from an expert.

In the second part of the event, Wemel Cumavoo from MyMobileUni presented what the mobile university is about. It’s a new platform where all of us can learn almost anything we want to learn online, for free!

Each of us also voiced out something we wanted to share in relation to the topic, or something about what we do. Mack Chong, a speaker and author on stock market, was chosen to be the speaker in the second MyMobileUni event next month.

Learn with MyMobileUni #1 – Renewable Energy by Cyril Mathias – Photo album

How To Spot A Liar From Body Language

Dynamic NLP Group started a peer sharing and learning event series on self-development. In each event, one speaker will present and facilitate discussion on a book or a topic useful to the group. Then the group will vote and select the next speaker.

The inaugural event Learn with Dynamic NLP Group #1 – The Definitive Book on Body Language by Jonathan Gan was organized on 16th May 2014. It started with each of the 20 participants briefly introduced himself or herself.

Then Jonathan Gan took the stage and shared the lessons he learned from the book called The Definitive Book on Body Language. He also gave out handouts in PowerPoint slides he had taken the effort to design.

The sharing was very interesting. The speaker demonstrated the various body languages lively and interactively with the audience. He even taught us how to spot a liar based on body language!

Group benefited by Jonathan Gan

Group benefited by Jonathan Gan

In the second half of the event, all audience were invited to respond to the topic or share something useful for everyone. Their sharing could be on a book, something learned from a book, a video watched, a wise advice heard, and even some useful gossip!

Many participants spoke up. Then the group voted for the most interesting sharing. Natalie Sylvia Chow was voted as the speaker for the next event.

Learn with Dynamic NLP Group #1 – The Definitive Book on Body Language by Jonathan Gan – Photo album