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Business Sharing in Mandarin Chinese

There are already quite many English events in business, startup, pitching and entrepreneurship. But somehow there are not that many such events in Chinese language.

Pitch ‘n’ Win tries to fill the gap by organizing some of our events in Mandarin Chinese. JM Ong of JobOnMap organized his second and our third Chinese Pitch ‘n’ Win on 7th February 2014.

The event Pitch ‘n’ Win 《一人一销,来学行销》#2 started with each of us briefly introducing ourselves. Then we shared about our business, together with an idea on business, selling or marketing.

Free hot desking vouchers by The Nest

Free hot desking vouchers sponsored by The Nest

The sharing ranged from IT, social enterprises, nutrition and even fortune telling! The two most interesting presenters selected were Lu Chen Pin and David Tan.

Lu elaborated on his passion in social enterprises to help the society. One interesting project is using technology to find missing children in the country. David shared and demonstrated on a complaint management system developed by his software house.

We were blessed to have Imesh Liyanage from The Nest to be our sponsor to present prizes to the group. He kindly gave away vouchers for free one-month hot desking to the 2 selected winners, and also one-week voucher to the rest of us. He also briefly shared about The Nest and Mother Goose Venture Developers (MGVD) which operates the new co-working space.

Pitch ‘n’ Win 《一人一销,来学行销》#2 – Photo album

First Chinese-Speaking 中文版 Pitching Event

Business pitching is not limited to English language only. That’s why both Malay and Chinese meetups have been organized as well.

The first Mandarin-speaking pitching meetup called Pitch ‘n’ Win @ JobOnMap was hosted by JM Ong from JobOnMap on 8th October 2013 (Tuesday).

Presentation on treasure hunt event for charity

Presentation on treasure hunt event for charity

Attended by 12 participants, all presented their business, ideas and events. Both pitch winners Miao Catherine and Lau Ginn Bao were coincidentally event organizers of an upcoming treasure hunt event they were preparing to raise funds for charity.

The host JM Ong also shared interesting story how “pitching” started in ancient China during the Warring States period, when “pitchers” (说客) were sent to other states persuade and speak up for their lord or king.

中文版 Pitch ‘n’ Win @ JobOnMap – Photo album