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Validation of 4 Ideas with Jimmy Yeoh

Veteran businessman Jimmy Yeoh started his first validation event 3 months ago where new business ideas were presented and put to test by all event participants and Jimmy himself.

The follow-up event Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh #2 was organized on 11th August 2014 to listen to the second set of ideas. Thanks to PJ Palms Sports Centre, we moved the event into its African restaurant called Out of Africa and reserved a room with a few tables for the event.

The host Ricky Soo first introduced the event, the coach Jimmy and the 4 presenters of ideas to the group of about 17 of participants, some of whom were startup entrepreneurs themselves. Soon we were broken up into 4 groups, each of which led by a presenter in the event.

The presenters shared their startup idea in the group they were assigned to. They were asked not to promote and hard-sell, but to listen for feedback from the group members as part of the idea validation process.

In the second round, the presenters changed group and moved to the next group to do the same. The ideas were meant to be tested for 2 rounds before the presenters came together to present to the whole crowd.

Group validation event in African restaurant

Group validation event in African restaurant

 After the group discussion, all participants came together to listen to the 4 ideas one by one. Each presenter shared for 5 minutes. Questions were raised and answered after the sharing.

Finally, Jimmy Yeoh came on stage and commented on each idea presented. Being a humorous yet direct person, everyone appreciated his feedback and advice on the pitches of the day.

Terri Low, a banker having an idea to manufacture some machines, was voted by the event participants for her best pitch in the event. The event ended with networking both inside and outside the restaurant. It has been a fruitful sharing and idea bouncing event for all.

Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh #2 – Photo album

Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh

Veteran businessman Jimmy Yeoh gave us a startup coaching in an earlier event in March 2014. His advice and comments were well-received by the participants, even surprising the organizer by the depth of his sharing.

We decided to organize an event called Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh on 22nd May 2014. 4 presenters each with new business idea went through 4 rounds of validation through group work and pitching.

18 of us gathered and occupied half of EcoGreen Organic Restaurant. We first divided the crowd into groups with each presenter leading one group. The 4 presenters were Faisal Hourani, Behzad, Chew Howhoon and Firdaus Johari.

In the first round, the presenters pitched their idea to their group members. Members were free to discuss, raise questions and give feedback to the presenter. This lasted for 20 minutes.

In the second round, the presenters went to another group. They did the same thing by sharing their idea and getting feedback from the members. This lasted for 15 minutes.

In the third round, all the audience gathered together to listen to the presenters pitching one by one. Each presenter pitched for 3 minutes, and took questions and feedback for another 3 minutes.

By this time, everyone already had a pretty clear idea whose idea could work and whose could not. The audience was asked to vote for their favorite ideas to choose the pitch winner of the day.

Group pitching and discussion going on

Group pitching and discussion going on

In the fourth round, Jimmy Yeoh took the stage and provided feedback to each and every presenter. He raised doubts, asked questions, commented and even criticized the ideas. He also shared his own business experience.

The restaurant owner and also a veteran businessman Wong Kai Yuen was also invited to speak, share his comments and feedback. He also shared some of his past experiences.

The voting result was out and Firdaus Johari was selected for his mobile app and presentation. The whole event lasted for two-and-half hours as planned.

This event marked the first time we made use of group pitching, group discussion and feedback in our events. Thanks to Jimmy Yeoh and everyone who gave feedback, it was a truly valuable and interactive learning experience not only for the presenters, but for everyone too!

Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh – Photo album

Turning Pitch Into Action

The Pitch ‘n’ Coach series took a new turn in its 3rd edition when we focused on business coaching this time. Pitch ‘n’ Coach #3 – Turn Pitch Into Action with Jimmy Yeoh was held on 14th March 2014.

Jimmy Yeoh is a veteran businessman who has gone through the up and down in his business and life journey. He has observed Pitch ‘n’ Win for quite some time, and one day he opined that we should do more than just pitching, but also taking steps to help turn the pitches into startups as well.

In view of starting a new event series with Jimmy, we tested out the response by making him a coach in the Pitch ‘n’ Coach series to coach entrepreneurs and anyone with ideas to start a viable business venture.

The event started with the host Lim Keng Kee briefing the group and introducing everyone. Jimmy then took the stage and gave a half-hour sharing on his experiences and how to go about taking action toward our entrepreneurial dream.

Business startup coaching in progress

Business startup coaching in progress

After the talk, the group members shared their ideas in mind. Altogether 8 business ideas were presented. Some ideas were not new ideas, but most were quite interesting.

We had a hard time selecting whose ideas to focus on, until we selected 3 “winners” out of the 8. They were Jayda Chong, Shi Ping and Wong Kai Yuen.

Jimmy then gave focused coaching and opinions on each of the 3 ideas selected. His advice was quite refreshing because he turned things around and helped us to see from a different angle. For example, one idea was about farming but Jimmy saw beyond that and advised the member to start a community instead.

We were pretty impressed by Jimmy Yeoh and decided to start a new event series with him as the coach and event organizer. Jimmy is going to listen to pitches every month, advise the members, and mentor them to turn ideas into reality.

All these for free of charge! Join his new Facebook group to get his mentoring.

Photo album – Pitch ‘n’ Coach #3 – Turn Pitch Into Action with Jimmy Yeoh