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Interview with Pitch ‘n’ Win Members

Teh Kian Hwee from GPE Solution Sdn. Bhd.

Pitch ‘n’ Win gives an opportunity to entrepreneurs to enhance their view on business, especially the business model. I felt like “wow, actually I can do like them too” after attending Pitch ‘n’ Win 中文版 #3 on 17th April 2014. The event was awesome esspecially the networking session which let us discuss and learn from one another.

Teh is an entrepreneur since 18 years old. He has established a platform to build more young generation millionaire entrepreneurs and provide them with solutions and pathway to attain success faster, in line with T.E.H (Team Work, Efficient and Effective, Humanity) values.

Kevin Neoh, VKA Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd

I have attended Pitch ‘n’ Win on NLP and I find the contents and sharing made by the speakers real beneficial as it provide a new paradigm that help to form breakthrough beliefs about ourselves. I think Pitch ‘n’ Win is a good concept as it provides a platform for people who have the heart to share to share and it facilitate exchanges of viewpoints that are positively growth stimulating as much as the ‘fun’ factor, it also enables people to expand network, becoming the enabler for the introverts to develop to becoming more outspoken and take the initiative to voice their opinion which in this flattened world could make or break a new business opportunity.

Interview with Wadud Mughal

Wadud Mughal, organizer of Pitch-Ur-Passion event series

1. A little about you and what you do?

My name is Wadud Mughal and I am a social entrepreneur – founder of Better World Makers Network [ ]. This is a network of highly effective people with social hearts and entrepreneurial minds who build communities, solutions and enterprises.

Our short term mission is to end poverty from the Earth by 2020 through promoting social innovation and entrepreneurship and change lives of the bottom 3 billion people. Here’s how we are approaching this goal:

The three billions people make 600 millions families @ 5 pax per family on an average. In order to create enough jobs, we need 30K Tribe Leaders (Accelerators) world wide by end 2015 with an objective to produce 1000 enterprises per each Tribe Leader by 2020 i.e 200 enterprises per year. An enterprise means a business with a minimum 20 jobs with minimum wage of USD9K per annum per family. This means 20 jobs per enterprise x 200 enterprises x 5 years x 30000 tribe leaders worldwide. That makes 600 million new jobs by 2020. Each Tribe Leader is supposed to build a local Thoughts to Things Ecosystem that provide all what it takes to build an enterprise.

Our long term vision is to drive homo sapiens evolve into social innovators and entrepreneurs.

2. Why did you join Pitch n Win organizer?

I joined Pitch ‘n’ Win to find people with a passion so they can team up with others (through our idea bank) with similar vision. We then collaborate with the teams to build solutions and create enterprises to make a dent in the universe.

3. What event do you do and who do you target?

It’s called Pitch-ur-Passion

4. How’s your event going so far and what’s the response rate?

The response rate has been quite good so far and we have been thrilled with the ideas and passions people have shared with us. The challenge we are facing is to encourage more and more people to fill in the form to build the data base that is essential to connect the like minded people to work on a problem they all love to solve.

5. What outcome you wish to achieve with your events?

Our target is to build a data base of people with a passion so we can do the match making required to convert it into a research and development project. So once the solution is ready we can convert it into an enterprise to create jobs to end poverty.

6. What’s your general comments about Pitch ‘n’ Win?

Pitch ‘n’ Win is a great platform expanding every day that gives you access to it’s members and allows you to organize events where everyone can talk and feedback to the pitchers. It’s a great platform to meet new people and share their goals.

Interview with Eric Lim

Eric Lim, organizer of Pitch ‘n’ Play event series

1. A little about you and what you do.

My company, SOHOland & Cubes, is developing HOME AWAY HOME to help young people to become start-up Property Tycoons to own more houses than their parents ever did, while leading a LIVE-WORK-TRAVEL-LEARN-PLAY lifestyle that is socially fun and financially profitable, based on the Sharing Economy principle.

“Be a young Property Tycoon: Own more houses than your parents ever did: Your very own collaborative second homes for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (Home Away From Home), designed to operate socially fun / financially profitable ways. SHARE (Room-House-Life): SOcial Property + MObile Lifestyle = SOMO power! Sharing Economy is the great Social Equalizer & Social Collaborator.”

Please also see Youtube video: Home Away Home

2. Why do you join as Pitch ‘n’ Win organizer?

Pitch ‘n’ Win is a good social platform to promote my project in a fun social way

3. What event do you do and whom do you target?

As the name suggested, I organized Pitch and Play events, targeted at people interested in Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play.

4. How is your event going so far? What response have you got?

I’ve organized three events in the series. Response had been quite slow. Perhaps I should change my emphasis to highlighting just one thing: Home Away Home.

5. What outcome do you wish you achieve with your event?

Gather a workable data-base of interested individuals on my project theme.

6. What’s your general comment on Pitch ‘n’ Win? Anything goes.

More exposure and awareness need to be achieved, such as the current press interview / TV etc.