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Recent Development of Pitch ‘n’ Win – Early Year 2014

In early 2014, the Pitch ‘n’ Win platform was reinvented with the launch of 3 new event series. These included Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL, Pitch ‘n’ Speak and Pitch ‘n’ Coach, thanks to collaboration with different organizers.

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL is the first event series where we finally had an event where participants could pitch to investors. Before that, our events had been more on sharing on own businesses and ideas.

Pitch ‘n’ Speak is an event series where participants can practise their two-minute impromptu speech and relate the topic given to their businesses. A speech coach is present to give feedback to the presenters.

Pitch ‘n’ Coach is an event series where a coach speaker is invited to speak on a certain business or self-development topic. Then the participants present their questions and cases, vote for the top 2 cases for coaching by the coach and discussion by all.

Other new event series also emerged. We have learned first to validate a new event idea by doing a trial event, before committing to a regular event series and a partnership with a potential event organizer.

Some early event organizers did quit along the way. We learned whom to collaborate with and how. But even more organizers joined into the organizing team in 2014. In April 2014, the number of active organizers stood at 12, being helped by a few helpers. The organizing team consisted of 19 members in April. Over 57 events have been organized.


Jan 2014 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL, Pitch ‘n’ Speak, Pitch ‘n’ Coach. Dynamic NLP Group taken over by Ricky.

Feb 2014 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Thrive, Pitch ‘n’ Inspire. First pitching event in Technology Park Malaysia. First event in Ipoh.

Mar 2014 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Talk. First Dynamic NLP Group event by Ricky. First event in Penang

Apr 2014 – Event series started – Finding Inno

May 2014 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Learn, Pitch ‘n’ Validate, Hang The Jam

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Early Development of Pitch ‘n’ Win – Year 2013

Pitch ‘n’ Win changed from being Ricky’s company event to become a public movement where individuals and businesses can choose to adopt the event model and organize their own version for their own group of target participants, in their own style, content and language.

Within 3 months, Pitch ‘n’ Win attracted about 7 event organizers to organize their own Pitch ‘n’ Win events. These organizers include a cafe, a trainer and consultant, an author and branding guru, an Internet marketing guru, a software company, a platform owner for social entrepreneurship, and a trainer and counselor.

The original Pitch ‘n’ Win event in English was kept under the care of Zest Cafe. The same event model was adopted by other organizers to conduct the same pitching + gamification event in Malay and Chinese languages. The event model was also adapted to different content including branding, Internet marketing, social entrepreneurship and even matching friendship.

Each of these organizers was supposed to organize their version of Pitch ‘n’ Win event once a month. The year 2013 ended with 25 events organized since July 2013.


Jun 2013 – Pitch ‘n’ Win idea conceived

Jul 2013 – First Pitch ‘n’ Win event organized in Zest Cafe

Aug 2013 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Zest Cafe, Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Wireless Income

Sep 2013 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Bual Bisnes Santai, Pitch A Brand

Oct 2013 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Win 中文版

Nov 2013 – Event series started – Pitch-Ur-Passion, Pitch ‘n’ Match

Dec 2013 – Event series started – Pitch ‘n’ Play

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The Very First Pitch ‘n’ Win Event

The very first Pitch ‘n’ Win event was organized by Ricky Soo‘s business called BizPartner for a group of friends and clients. It was meant to be an experiment to validate whether the pitching + gamification event model worked or not.

The event was organized on 13th July 2013, but the preparation started weeks before that. Ricky posted the event on Facebook and received an overwhelming response. There were only 8 pitching slots in the event, but all 8 places had already been taken up way before the event day.

Over 20 people attended the event in Zest Cafe, Bangsar South. 8 of them presented their business or idea in 3 minutes. Then the whole group voted for the top 2 presenters they wanted to hear more from. During the vote counting time, a coach took the stage and taught us about pitching.

The 2 winners were Rani Wemel and Yeap Eu Juan. Each of the gave a full presentation of their business for 15 minutes. Everyone listened attentively. After all, they were their top choices. Everyone learned something new in the event in 2 hours.

It was a great validation of the Pitch ‘n’ Win model. The experiment was successful. The event idea worked! Zest Cafe owner Ong Beng Chung sent a text to Ricky at night to volunteer organizing the next event.

Thereafter, this first event became the general template for all subsequent events affiliated to Pitch ‘n’ Win.

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