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Evening Networking Event by BizPartner

BizPartner organized the first evening networking event called Hang The Jam earlier in the month. It was a platform for working people and business owners to network and get to know one another, rather than join the traffic jam after office hours.

The second event called Hang The Jam @ Damansara Uptown #2 was organized on 23rd May 2014. It was done only one week after the first event in order to validate whether people from around the area would join the event or not.

Unlike the first event which attracted 15 people, this time we only managed to get 7 participants. We almost did not promote the event online, but relied on event flyers distributed to people in the area in order to test their response.

Despite small turnout, the event was still carried out as usual. Each of us shared our business or ourselves for a few minutes, followed by each voting for other members whom they want to connect to.

Richard Kok received the highest number of votes and hence was selected as the pitch winner. He further elaborated on his startup business on building a logistic marketplace.

Pitch 'n' Validate FOOD?

Pitch ‘n’ Validate FOOD?

After the event, the restaurant owner Yugin Lee took the opportunity to ask for feedback and validate a new delicious dish he has designed with the group.

The mingling around took quite a while, including validating the new dish together!

Hang The Jam @ Damansara Uptown #2 – Photo album

Hang Out During Traffic Jam Hours

Why join the traffic jam when you can hang out with new friends, share about yourself, listen to new ideas and enjoy networking together?

That’s why BizPartner started the Hang The Jam evening networking series where working people and business owners can skip the jam and hang out for good use of time after office hours.

The first event called Hang The Jam @ Damansara Uptown #1 was started in Epicuro Cafe in Damansara Uptown on 15th May 2014. The session was hosted by Ricky Soo and co-hosted by Mahua SG.

The event started at around 5:45pm. Each of us in the group of 15 took turn to introduce about ourselves. Participants were free to speak, share and promote anything in the 3-minute slot.

Then the group voted for the best sharing of the day. Priscillia was the chosen one by the group. She spoke further on her sharing and received free dinner as winner’s reward!

New networking event started in Epicuro Cafe

New networking event started in Epicuro Cafe

Featured speakers Mahua SG and Yugin Lee also spoke 5 minutes each to the group. Mahua told her story and shared the importance of having a Plan B in life.

Yugin shared how he got back from Germany after studying and working there for 10 years to open the new restaurant called Epicuro Cafe.

The event lasted for only one-and-half hour but the networking went on for another one hour. Participants stayed back for dinner, chatted with one another and mingled around.

Special thanks to Peter Chen from for posting the event up on his web site. We shall meet again in the same place one week later.

Hang The Jam @ Damansara Uptown #1 – Photo album