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Singing Performance + Human Experience

A special fun time was added to the 11th learning session organized by OpenSchool.MY when Catherine Liow sang a Chinese song and did a little talk show with our founder Ricky Soo before the start of event.

Catherine lost out to Ricky in a personal bet after Ricky managed to complete 16 out of 15 runs he promised to do in a month in September. The “punishment” for whoever lost in the bet was to perform a “talent show” in one of the events.

As Catherine chose to sing a Chinese song, the performance was done in this Chinese-speaking event. It was fun to listen to Catherine in her maiden singing performance on “stage”, using banana as make-shift as her microphone!

Everyone listened attentively to Johnson

Everyone listened attentively to Johnson

The event proper OpenSchool.MY | 人的经验结构 (meaning the structure of human experience) was held in a restaurant in Bangsar on 23rd October 2014. The main speaker, Johnson Liang who has done a few rounds of sharing with us previously, shared again this time on the structure of human experience.

As usual, Johnson gave his usual superb sharing based on his knowledge and training on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He also had us do some exercise in pairs to put theories to practice and experience what he shared.

As usual, the participants were divided into group for discussion and presentation. Each group discussed a scenario and sent a representative to share their findings, ideas and solutions to the case.

After the presentations by 4 groups, Johnson came in again to give feedback and comments on the points presented. May Seow was chosen by the whole group as the best presenter of the evening.

So it was an entertaining show by Catherine at the start, insightful sharing by Johnson on human experience, interactive discussion by the participants and opportunities to present by all groups. This was how this OpenSchool.MY session worked.

OpenSchool.MY | 人的经验结构 – Photo album

Learning About Our Learning Capabilities

The OpenSchool.MY learning sessions continued as we invited Mandarin-speaking trainer Johnson Liang (连俊维) to share with us again on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Johnson had been invited a speaker before, as he shared about building rapport in a Pitch ‘n’ Win demo session in July and gave an overview on NLP in a former OpenSchool.MY session in August.

In this session called OpenSchool.MY | NLP学习及能力的层次 on 9th September 2014, he introduced us to the 4 levels learning capabilities. The levels pertain to what we know and what we don’t know. The topic was not a beginner’s topic but he made it so simple and easy to understand.

The group learning about learning

The group learning about learning

The participants were divided into 3 groups who then asked the important questions that might change them in their own life, and how much they knew about the answers.

3 members then presented their findings and results. We not only learned from our peers in the group, but also from the presenters from two other groups on life questions.

Kiiwii Ng was selected as the best presenter of the three. The session concluded with Johnson giving us feedback and more information related to the topic.

OpenSchool.MY | NLP学习及能力的层次 – Photo album

First NLP Session in Chinese

Dynamic NLP Group has been organizing various useful events to educate members on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) since early 2013. However, all events have been conducted in English. The organizer has been looking for speakers in other languages, especially the Chinese language.

Then we found an NLP coach and trainer Johnson Liang (连俊维) in one previous event in Chinese in July. As a Malaysian, Johnson became a reputable speaker in China and came back to home country recently. In the event, he gave a sneak preview on NLP by sharing how to build rapport with people instantly.

Johnson was invited to be the speaker for the first NLP session in Chinese by Dynamic NLP Group. The event OpenSchool.MY | NLP 是什么东东?(What is NLP?) was organized on 12th August 2014 to give members an overview of NLP in Chinese language.

Adopting the OpenSchool.MY event model, Johnson first gave a sharing on NLP, its origin and history, its body of knowledge, and what it can do for our career, relationship and life.

Then the participants were broken into 3 groups to discuss a case study. The case was about dealing with a client who took credit for positive results, but blamed others for faults.

Introduction to NLP in Chinese by speaker Johnson Liang

Introduction to NLP in Chinese by speaker Johnson Liang

Each group came up with and presented their own solution to the case. The ideas put forth by the 3 presenters were diverse and came from different angles. It was a good idea exchange time.

New member Foo Yoke Won was chosen by all participants as the best presenter. There was no right or wrong answer to discussion, but gamification was built into the event to encourage fun and interactive discussion and idea exchanges.

Johnson then commented on the solutions presented and added on other materials he had to share. It was a good learning and sharing session, not only by the speaker but also from all participants.

OpenSchool.MY | NLP 是什么东东?- Photo album