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Multinational Sharing Session in Bukit Bintang

Thanks to co-organizer Julez Wong, we managed to conduct a demo Pitch ‘n’ Win session in a new Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlet in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. We took the opportunity to experiment one new event format called Pitch ‘n’ Win REMIX.

The Pitch ‘n’ Win model has been implemented in different flavors for different purposes. In this remix edition, we try to combine most if not all variants into one single events.

In this session, each participant was given up to 8 minutes to share something. All of us could share in order to:

  • Introduce ourselves and what we do.
  • Give an elevator pitch of our companies.
  • Present business or social ideas and get feedback.
  • Share and teach something to the group.
  • Share about a book, a movie, or anything interesting.
  • Give a speech and practise speaking skills.

As usual, voting would be done to choose 1 or 2 best presenters, who would then be given extra time to give a short talk.

Pitch ‘n’ Win REMIX @ Bukit Bintang was held on 7th February 2015 on a Saturday afternoon. The event started late as we waited for more participants to join.

Learning from one another in international sharing session

Learning from one another in international sharing session

Interestingly, most members got to know the event from our Book Sharing group on, and most of them are from outside Malaysia! Participants included members from Austria, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa and Malaysia too. Many were business people and tourists who happened to be in Malaysia and were looking for a meetup event to hang out.

So it turned out to be a multinational sharing session. All of us spoke up for a few minutes, each sharing something about himself or herself, what he or she knew to contribute to the group.

We also had the blessing of learning from a couple Jacques and Carli hailing from South Africa and Canada who are into startup circle around the world. They listened and provided some mentoring to some ideas presented in the session. They also introduced us to an interesting book called The 7-Day Startup authored by their friend in Australia.

After the voting round, we chose 3 best presenters out of the group due to a tie between the runners-up. The winners – May Seow (Malaysia), Syed Waqar (Pakistan) and Carli van Heerden (Canada) were selected for their interesting sharing.

Each of them was invited to speak for some extra time. One joked it was like an international speech contest! Nevertheless, it was a really informal yet value-adding experience to learn from one another especially since we were all from different nations.

Key Lessons

  • is good platform to attract new members and it might give you surprises too.
  • The REMIX edition didn’t work quite well as planned. It is still better off not to mix different Pitch ‘n’ Win versions together.

Pitch ‘n’ Win REMIX @ Bukit Bintang – Photo album

Demo Sharing Session In Hobby N Coffee

A new cafe called Hobby N Coffee was opened in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) area. It has a new concept to blend hobbies such as board games and sewing together with casual chat over a cup of coffee.

The cafe owner Stephen Yong has been enterprising and thinking out of the box. As a meetup supporter himself, he has been hosting events such as networking and board game sessions in the cafe. He has also invited event organizers to host their events in the space for free.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Hobby N Coffee demo session was proposed to be held in Hobby N Coffee on 15th August 2014. Guests received warm welcome by Stephen who enthusiastically served us food and coffee, with beautiful latte art drawn on top!

However, there was a very heavy traffic congestion in the city on that Friday evening. Quite a few people were stuck in jam and could not make it to the event. Despite many who registered, only 6 people managed to show up for the night session.

Nevertheless, the event agenda went on. But instead of the usual 3 minutes for each participant to share, everyone had up to 5 minutes to tell the group about their business, company, products, project, events and anything about him or herself.

The event participants came from various backgrounds including property development, health and wellness, food and beverages, information technology and advertising for businesses.

Hobby N Coffee owner Stephen Yong with Ricky

Hobby N Coffee owner Stephen Yong with Ricky

A quick voting was carried out to decide the pitch winner among all 6 of us. Property developer Danny Yap was selected and was invited to speak for another 10 minutes. He took the opportunity to share some advice to the younger group on our life and career, and proposed property investing as one source of income that is more sustainable.

As a token of appreciation, Danny also presented to Pitch ‘n’ Win founder Ricky Soo a voucher for a group of four to stay in Beverly Hills Ipoh for a holiday worth more than RM6,000.

The chat went on even after the event. It was a small but nice sharing and idea exchange session by a diverse group of participants.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Hobby N Coffee – Photo album

Demo Event in The Entrepreneurs’ Lab

A demonstration of a typical Pitch ‘n’ Win event was done in The Entrepreneurs’ Lab. Thanks to the new co-working space in Damansara!

The session called Pitch ‘n’ Win @ The Entrepreneurs’ Lab was organized on 17th July 2014 at 8:30pm after the time for Muslims to break fast during the Ramadhan. Participants included tenants in the space, as well as regular Pitch ‘n’ Win members and new friends.

The event started with the host Ricky Soo explaining about Pitch ‘n’ Win. In the first round, everyone was asked to briefly introduce himself or herself before the sharing started.

In the second round of sharing, everyone had an opportunity to speak in front of the crowd for 3 minutes each. Some of us shared about their business, some about themselves, with one or two on their startup ideas.

Sofia Leong Abdullah sharing on franchising

Sofia Leong Abdullah sharing on franchising

After all the sharing, all participants were asked to vote for the top 2 members whose presentations they found most interesting. The 2 selected members were Sofia Leong Abdullah and Jimmy Yeoh.

Both winners were invited to give a full presentation. Sofia elaborated on the franchising scene in Malaysia, and Jimmy on board game business and journey as entrepreneur.

Contact us if you would like to arrange for a Pitch ‘n’ Win demo session at your place. Just gather a group of people and we will promote and demonstrate the event for you.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ The Entrepreneurs’ Lab – Photo album