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Quality Pitches + Valuable Insights = CAPITAL organized its 5th pitching event on 9th October 2014 evening in co-working space Trep Alley in Serdang. The angel investor network has been the only Pitch ‘n’ Win organizer coming from an investor background.

Before the event Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL #5 started at 5pm, the video Top 10 Business Model Pitfalls by Ash Maurya from Running Lean was shown to the participants who came in earlier. Then everyone also got a chance to briefly introduce themselves to the whole group.

The event proper started with an introduction to Pitch ‘n’ Win and by the host. Then the 6 presenters of the evening were invited on stage to present for 5 minutes each.

The ideas and business opportunities presented varied from new fresh ideas to existing business ventures. The crowd were attentive to whoever presenting on stage. Questions were raised and replies were given by the presenters.

After the pitches, the audience went through a round of voting. The quality of pitches was quite high, that it was a hard time to choose one winner out of the 6 pitchers. William Tan, the founder of, also spoke on his angel investor platform after the voting.

The 5th Pitch 'n' Win CAPITAL event

The 5th Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL event

Then the guest speaker Mark Pui from PWC Capital shared his views and delivered what he thought about startup investing nowadays. He shared for nearly 45 minutes and included 10 points of investing advice, including the Zulu principle, quantify and measure, and due diligence.

The pitch winner was announced and he was Anand Maholtra Krish from Penang. Anand spoke again for a while, before the event was wrapped up and continued with networking.

Thanks to the presenters and guest speaker, the event has been full of quality pitches and valuable insights, typical of a Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL session since its inception.

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL #5 – Photo album

Turn Capital Into Gold 点资成金

William Tan from joined Pitch ‘n’ Win event in August 2013. Then he started a new series called co-branded Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL event since January 2014.

Having organized 3 pre-pitching events in English, the organizer decided to try out the same event but in Chinese language. On 21st April 2014, their first Chinese event called Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL 点资成金 #1 was hosted by Lu Chen Pin.

It was a great initiative not only because it filled the lack of similar event conducted in Chinese, but also because of the very suitable name 点资成金 which means “turning capital into gold” in English. Indeed, is such angel investing platform that provides entrepreneurs with the necessary capital to be turned into gold mine!

Fund raising pitching event in Chinese

Fund raising pitching event in Chinese

The event was attended by a good crowd of entrepreneurs, investors and business people. Altogether 6 ideas were presented. The first 4 presenters spoke in Mandarin, while the later 2 presented in English.

After each presentation, all audience were invited to ask questions and seek clarification from the presenter. It was a good round of idea validation too as valuable feedback was given by the crowd.

The audience voted Jarod Yeap as the best presenter. Jarod from Easy One Bikers presented a good opportunity for all of us who want to invest in their business and be a “motorpreneur” ourselves.

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL 点资成金 #1 – Photo album


Sleeping Tigers, Crouching Dragons in Pitching Event

Having started its first pre-pitching event in January, followed by the second one in February, has attracted a good crowd and following for its angel investing platform.

After occupying almost the whole of one restaurant in last session, this time the organizer moved to a larger space. Thanks to The Nest in Damansara Heights, a new and upcoming co-working space where entrepreneurs work together to build awesome companies!

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL #3 on held on 24th March 2014. The format was the same as the 2nd session. Dr Loi from played the role of the host, and he was helped by a good team of assistants each playing his or her role.

Sleeping tigers and crouching dragons in event

Sleeping tigers and crouching dragons in event

6 presenters pitched their business ideas to investors and multi-millionaires sitting in the crowd. Each spoke for 5 minutes, followed by another 5 minutes of taking questions.

For gamification sake, all the crowd vote for the best presenter. The winner this time was Grace Khoong who proposed an innovative way of learning to speak Mandarin.

About 40 people turned up for the event. Congratulations to the organizer. This is the highest ever turnout since Pitch ‘n’ Win started 8 months ago!

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL #3 – Photo album