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Free Branding Book Author Roger Kerk

Marketer, strategist and consultant Roger Kerk, also the former organizer of Pitch A Brand event series, came back to speak again in Pitch ‘n’ Win after one year. He has just published a book called Free Branding, which teaches us to relook on business fundamentals to achieve authentic branding for free or at very low cost.

A talk event was organized for him under the Pitch ‘n’ Talk series in which the main speaker has maximum time to share. The event Pitch ‘n’ Talk #11 – Grow Your Brand Organically by Roger Kerk was held in EcoGreen Organic Restaurant on 10th December 2014, and attracted around 47 participants.

The event started with Pitch ‘n’ Win founder Ricky Soo himself thanking Roger for coming back to share and introducing the event to everyone, and Wong Kai Yuen, the owner of EcoGreen Organic Restaurant, sharing a few words on Roger and Pitch ‘n’ Win.

6 guests among the participants were invited to share about their businesses for 3 minutes each. They were requested to talk about their company, their brand, and the questions they might have for Roger on branding. The crowd sharing lasted for about 20 minutes.

Roger and fans filled up the venue with his talk

Roger and fans filled up the venue with his talk

Roger Kerk then came on stage and started to share about what it means to do free branding, and how to grow your brand organically. This followed from his recent interview on business radio station BFM on the same topic.

Roger also spoke on a few business philosophies he has to make our business and hence brand stronger. He touched on employer branding, an important area he will be working on next. His talk lasted for more than one hour.

The usual voting was done for the earlier speakers from the audience. Dephy Oon and Joyce Hue were voted as best speakers. Roger also handpicked Jerome Lee for the best question asked during his talk. Each of them received a complimentary copy of Free Branding book from Roger.

Thanks to Roger Kerk and his fans, the event took up the whole space of the venue and broke the crowd size record of all events wholly organized by Pitch ‘n’ Win. The number of participants was only superseded by an earlier Finding Inno event organized in collaboration with Mobile Monday (MoMo).

Key Lessons

  • A good speaker helps attract a good crowd, though this is not our main objective.
  • Relating sharing by participants to the event theme helps make the event more focused.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #11 – Grow Your Brand Organically by Roger – Photo album

Fundamentals of Marketing with Mok Han Kit

Since March 2014, we have been inviting past pitch winners to deliver one-hour talk on their expert topic. We also applied gamification into our Facebook group so that members who make an online post and get enough number of likes can give the talk too.

Branding strategist Mok Han Kit was the speaker for the event called Pitch ‘n’ Talk #6 – Fundamentals of Marketing with Mok Han Kit organized on 3rd May 2014.

Han Kit started by asking the audience “How to reach the people?” in marketing and promotion. Then he went on to outline the basic but important steps and strategies on marketing.

As an avid book reader and former BookPeckers member, Han Kit also recommended a list of books to read further on marketing, business and life.

Han Kit and his recommended book list

Han Kit and his recommended book list

The second half of the session was the time where the group members could introduce themselves and share their own things. Everyone took some time to share. Eric Lim from SOHOland was selected by the group as pitch winner.

The event ended but another back-to-back event Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #4 started at the same place. Most of the group members stayed on for the following event.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #6 – Fundamentals of Marketing with Mok Han Kit – Photo album