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Funding Event Turned Into Sharing Event

We planned and prepared for a new event series called Pitch ‘n’ Win FUND. A main speaker from one funding organization was requested to speak in the event. He was invited to speak on how to get fund from the organization, as well as comment on and evaluate on pitches presented.

Unfortunately, one day before the event, we discovered there was a misunderstanding with the speaker, that he would not make it to the event. But the event had attracted many participants and had to go on.

The main speaker was changed to Wadud Mughal who also hosted the event. Pitch ‘n’ Win FUND @ Trep Alley was held in Trep Alley co-working space at 3pm, right after an earlier sharing event at the same place.

The news that the original main speaker was not around disappointed many participants in the event, as they expected to hear about the funding, and some of them even prepared their pitches to be presented to the speaker.

The pitches went on anyway, but a few presenters held back their sharing and didn’t elaborate much on their startup idea. One even changed his presentation on the spot to his existing business.

The pitching crowd at Trep Alley

The pitching crowd at Trep Alley

Nevertheless, the host Wadud gave a good overview on how startups could get funded in Malaysia. He also explained how his Better World Makers Network could help entrepreneurs to create enterprises, create jobs, and do a part in eliminating poverty around the world.

Among all presenters, Richard Kok was voted as the best presenter for his sharing on his logistics business. As one who got funded with a grant before, he also enlightened the group on his experience and how they could get funded as well.

The planned funding event was so turned into an usual sharing event on business and ideas. But thanks to Wadud and Richard, the audience were still pleased to have learned something relevant from the event.

Pitch ‘n’ Win FUND @ Trep Alley – Photo album

Small-Group Pitching Session in The Nest

In early June 2014, we planned a new event on 28th June and invited a manager from Cradle Fund as main speaker to share how to get the RM150,000 grant for startups. We also invited a few other speakers from MGVD, The Nest and

However, due to unforeseen circumstance, the speaker from Cradle Fund could not make it for the event this time. We then arranged him to speak in another event on 12th July, and changed this event to be Pitch-Ur-Passion #4 organized by Better World Makers Network and hosted by Wadud Mughal.

The event was organized on 28th June 2014 in a co-working space called The Nest. The session attracted only a small group. A number of presenters and speakers were also not around.

Wadud started the session explaining his vision of eradicating poverty in the world, and how his network of social entrepreneurs might help.

Eric Lim, Wayne Khor and Jeson Lee presented their startup idea for 3 minutes each, followed by taking questions from the group. The 18-year old Jeson Lee was voted as the pitch winner of the day thanks to his interesting sharing as the youngest member in the group.

The only speaker available in the event was William Tan from angel investor network William became the main speaker and share with us on the angel investing scene and how to make our pitches more convincing before the investors.

William Tan spoke on angel investing

William Tan spoke on angel investing

Our founder Ricky Soo also raised the potential startup culture issue in Malaysia, as discussed in length in the earlier event just one day before this event. Time was limited but he managed to raise some questions to reflect on and touched some people in the crowd later.

Thanks to the small group of around 12 people, we were able to go deep into some issues raised such as eradicating poverty by building enterprises. The session ended with networking. Some stayed back to chat in The Nest even for another 2 hours.

Pitch-Ur-Passion #4 – Photo album

It’s About Making A Better World

After the 1st PITCH-UR-PASSION event organized by Better World Makers Networks earlier in November, the host Wadud Mughal did it again in month end to organize the second session.

This time, the PITCH-UR-PASSION @ Better World Makers Networks #2 was held on 22nd November 2013 (Friday) in Zest Cafe, the birthplace of Pitch ‘n’ Win meetup.

Pitching for better world

Pitching for better world

The participating group consisted of business people, consultants, employees, educationists, network marketeers and others. Nevertheless, we all shared the same dream of making the world a little better in our corner of the world.

The pitch winners were Uzair Khan, David Tan Yip Wai and Wong Wei Loon. The visionary Uzair shared about the future of education. David educated us on eco-friendly family shopping. Wei Loon presented on his stock investor forum.

PITCH-UR-PASSION @ Better World Makers #2 – Photo album