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Pitch ‘n’ Win Membership

Pitch ‘n’ Win members consist of those who attended and participated in any event affiliated to Pitch ‘n’ Win, as well as those who have opted into Pitch ‘n’ Win Facebook group, Meetup group and email mailing list. There are over 300 of them as of May 2014.

Depending on the nature of the event, the participants of any particular event can consist of business people, entrepreneurs, small business owners, salespeople, freelancers, employees, students and youths. The attendance can vary from 5 to 40 people, with most events having crowd of around 12 to 20 people. Though most events end in 2 hours, most people stay on for about half to one hour for networking.

We don’t filter out any members based on their industry or trade. For example, all insurance agents and network marketers are welcome. Everyone can pitch, share and promote all they can, provided they do so in orderly manner according to the event format. If a presenter is so interesting that people want to vote for him or her to speak more, he or she deserves it.

Pitch ‘n’ Win Event Series

List of active Pitch ‘n’ Win event series as of May 2014.

No.Event Series Organizer  Company Description
1Pitch 'n' Speak Ong Beng Chung Zest Cafe Practising two-minute impromptu speeches on business
2Pitch 'n' Inspire – Bisnes Bual Santai  Abd Azharee  Synstyle Ventures Business sharing in Malay language where participants share challenges and solutions
3Pitch 'n' Win CAPITAL William Tan and Dr Loi Business pitching to angel investors
4Pitch 'n' Win CAPITAL 点资成金  Lu Chen Pin Business pitching to angel investors in Chinese language
5Pitch 'n' Win 中文版  JM Ong and David Tan  JobOnMap General business sharing event in Chinese language
6Pitch-Ur-Passion  Wadud Mughal  Better World Makers Network Pitching event for social entrepreneurs
7Pitch 'n' Match  Rosemieen-Femide  How To Heal Your Life Friendship sharing event
8Pitch 'n' Coach  Lim Keng Kee - Coaching event in business and self-development
9Pitch 'n' Validate  Jimmy Yeoh  Magic Gamewerks Group pitching and idea validation event
10Pitch 'n' Play  Eric Lim SOHOland Business sharing event on sharing economy
11Hang The Jam  Ricky Soo  BizPartner Business and social sharing events after working hours
12Pitch 'n' Talk  Ricky Soo  Pitch 'n' Win Talk event by selected member + Gamification
13Pitch 'n' Learn @ My Mobile University  Rani Wemel  My Mobile University Book sharing and learning event
14Pitch 'n' Learn @ Dynamic NLP Group Ricky Soo  Dynamic NLP Group  Book sharing and learning event
15Finding Inno  All organizers  Pitch 'n' Win 1-hour pitching show for TV media

Purpose of Pitch ‘n’ Win

The main purpose of Pitch ‘n’ Win is to empower common folks to take the stage, present something and perhaps get the opportunity to collaborate with other members for uncommon ventures. To enable it to be people-friendly, we designed the Pitch ‘n’ Win event model to minimize all hindrances for anyone to join, including financial hindrances.

Toward this end, we need to help and satisfy all stakeholders involved. These stakeholders includes the event participants, speakers, organizers, and Pitch ‘n’ Win itself.

The event participants are attracted to the events because some of them want to share, present and speak up, while some of them want to listen to ideas and sharing by others, connect to potential collaborators, and even meet new friends.

Some event series have featured speakers, either invited speakers from outside or the event organizers themselves. In any case, they get to speak from 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the event series. They get to share their knowledge and experience to the group. They are also free to give infomercial and promote anything related that they offer. The main benefits for the speakers are exposure, networking and promotion.

Event organizers are the owner of individual event series affiliated to Pitch ‘n’ Win. They organize the events, most probably host them, and follow up with the participants after the events. By being a Pitch ‘n’ Win organizers, they get to adopt the validated Pitch ‘n’ Win event model to benefit their participants and themselves. They get to network with all who participate, increase their exposure, raise their profile, collect permission-based mailing list, build a tribe of followers, among other benefits.

For Pitch ‘n’ Win, working with event organizers and benefiting everyone in the process helps grow the social movement to achieve its purpose to turn around events and empower common folks to speak up.