Teach Something About Personal Finance

After the successful run of our first peer teaching event Teach Something, we followed up quickly with the second trial within 2 weeks. While it was about startup in the first event, this time we focused on personal finance.

Teach Something #2 – Money Matters, Education First was held in Startup Hub, Sunway Mentari on 12th February 2015, in evening time after working hours. But the turnout was poor this time with only about 12 of us turned up compared to over 30 of us in the first event.

3 speakers were present to shared topics from Goods and Services Tax (GST), investment planning, to creating passive income stream. A 4th speaker took a detour and taught us about High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) that is being taught in schools.

The 4 speakers were:

  • What’s Up in GST by Danny Lim
  • Savings or Investments by Shinyi Tai
  • Passion vs Passive Income by Roger Kerk
  • High Order Thinking Skills by Poh Yew Teoh

Each speaker shared for about 18 minutes each. As the audience size was small, the sharing became more interactive compared to last event. Each speaker added value to the audience by building on what was shared by previous speaker.

2nd Teach Something event focused on personal finance

2nd Teach Something event focused on personal finance

Roger Kerk was credited as the best speaker of the day for his interesting sharing and personal experience on working on his passion and creating passive income stream, to now running networking group related to passive income opportunities.

Key Lessons

  • Instead of blaming low turnout to external factor, we should work on improving the attraction of the event.
  • An event doesn’t need a big group in order to be really useful and value-adding.

Teach Something #2 – Money Matters, Education First – Photo album



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