Success Through Financial Education

Few people would doubt one key success factor in life is education. Not necessarily the schooling, but it can also mean getting familiar with and achieving mastery in a subject matter.

Same goes to financial education to help achieve financial success. Toward this end, we organized a sharing event by experienced stock and forex trader, mentor and speaker Patrick Ku from T3 Malaysia, an academy providing trading workshops and education in investing.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #14 – Success Through Financial Education was organized on 28th January 2015 in T3 Malaysia office and attracted around 14 of us aspiring to learn more about financial education.

The event started with an introduction to Pitch ‘n’ Win and the event series Pitch ‘n’ Talk. We were seated in circle and everyone was invited to give a brief introduction. Although it was a talk event, we still gave opportunity for everyone to speak up and asked everyone to vote for 2 best presenters.

As there were two Mandarin-speaking Taiwanese from a forex trading company in Taiwan, some parts of the event were translated from English into Mandarin for them to understand what was going on. Both of them also spoke up in Mandarin, and were helped in translation by Patrick.

Patrick Ku sharing Success Through Financial Education

Patrick Ku sharing Success Through Financial Education

Patrick Ku then took over the session and shared about financial education and stock investing for about one hour. He touched on many areas including some principles, lessons and myths about stock investing.

There were many interactions in the sharing session. Many questions were asked by the audience and answered by Patrick. Some questions were basic and some were quite advanced. But all of us brought home something out of investing our time in the event.

Endrea Hugh and Nike Hung (Taiwan) were voted by the group to speak more at end of event. Both of them elaborated more on their sharing. The event ended with some networking among the participants.

Key Lessons

  • Give opportunity to everyone to speak up at the beginning to warm the participants up and get to know one another.
  • This event was prepared in haste – less than 1 week – but thankfully a good number of participants still turned up.

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