Launch of Peer Teaching Event

In Pitch ‘n’ Win, we have been encouraging event participants to speak up and share about themselves in various events. Earlier this year, suddenly inspiration came to get them to teach one another something too.

So we came up with a plan to start a peer teaching platform, where members can teach and share knowledge and experiences with one another to benefit everyone.

We believe even ordinary people have something to teach. After all, there is a Chinese saying that out of three people we meet, there must be one who can be our teacher.

Teach Something event series was the answer to this thought. Immediately we arranged a few sessions and invited a number of members and people we knew to be speak in these sessions. Altogether 4 sessions from January to March were planned in a few days!

The first session called Teach Something #1 – Business, Startup, Design Thinking, Growth Hacking was organized on 24th January 2015. We were blessed to get the support of MAD Incubator who runs Startup Hub in Sunway Mentari where the inaugural event was held.

The first event was centered around the theme of business startups. Instead of giving the exact talk topics of invited speakers, we opened up to individual members to propose a topic within the context of the theme.

Overwhelming responses were received as 7 speakers volunteered to share. The meeting room was also jam-packed with about 30 people attended the event.

Overwhelming response to 1st Teach Something event

Overwhelming response to 1st Teach Something event

The speakers shared from 8 to 18 minutes each. Their topics ranged from business model to startup mindset, from managing people to legal agreement.

After these presentations, Eddy Tang also represented MAD Incubator as the venue sponsor to deliver the sponsor’s message on how MAD Incubator could help entrepreneurs.

The audience were asked to vote for the most interesting speaker they had in mind. Daniel Ng Chun Yik was selected for his wonderful sharing and was given extra time to address the audience. He touched on Magical Moment on Growth Hacking since Growth Hacking was in the event theme but no speaker had touched on the area.

The event exceeded its time and lasted nearly 3 hours due to many speakers. Some good feedbacks have been received, and also suggestions on how to improve from the participants.

The 1st Teach Something event was off to a good start, but we learned a few areas to improve. We look forward to a better 2nd session two weeks later focused on personal finance.

Key Lessons

  • Peer teaching is a new area event organizers can look into doing.
  • The number of speakers should be reduced for a shorter session easier to manage.

Teach Something #1 – Business, Startup, Design Thinking, Growth Hacking – Photo album



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