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Lifelong Learning Session in Penang

The third Pitch ‘n’ Win event in Penang was organized on 10th January 2015 in collaboration with Malaysian Institute of Lifelong Learning (MIII) founded by Jeffrey Lim (林道宏).

Jeffrey is a businessman, property investor, speaker, book author, philanthropist. He attended the first Penang event as a participant, and also the second event as main speaker. This time, he was both the main speaker and also the venue sponsor.

The Chinese-speaking session called 【槟城】中文 Pitch ‘n’ Win – 2015年学什么? was conducted in the meeting room of MIII office. The event title means Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Penang – What to Learn in 2015? MIII has been conducting a few courses on IT, e-commerce and property investing.

However, the Saturday morning session attracted only 6 of us. As such, the session became more informal as everyone could share in more details.

Jeffrey first started the session by introducing a life planning tool called Action Diary (行动日志) that he has been using to achieve his success thus far. He also gave us on-the-spot exercise on what to achieve in life in short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Then each of us shared about ourselves and the business or job we were working on. We also answered Jeffrey’s question on the life goals we have set out to achieve, and what we were doing to achieve the goals.

As we shared, Jeffrey also asked further questions and shared his feedback and insights based on our goals. All of us were benefited by his sharing turned impromptu group counseling session.

Life and business group consulting thanks to Jeffrey

Life and business group consulting thanks to Jeffrey

Chuah Kok Khoon was selected by the whole group as the best presenter for his interesting and authentic life and business story. He got extra time to elaborate and ask Jeffrey for advice on his case.

After the 2-hour event, all of us went for lunch and enjoyed Penang food together nearby. We talked further over lunch. Thanks to Jeffrey not only for his sharing and insights, but also for his being humble to reach out to us despite having achieved his social status and success in life and business.

Key Lessons

  • The sharing session was “pivoted” into a group consulting session due to small group.
  • It was a beneficial session for all. But more participants could have attended and learned from Jeffrey and one another.

【槟城】中文 Pitch ‘n’ Win – 2015年学什么? – Photo album

Building Personal Brand on WeChat

After speaker Teh Sheng’s successful talk on WeChat potentials and opportunities in one previous event, we followed up with another event called 【路演】真人秀 – 建立微信个人品牌 (meaning Live Pitching – Building Personal Brnad on WeChat) on 3rd January 2015.

The Chinese-speaking event was organized in collaboration with Freedom Entrepreneurs Network (自由企业家联盟) led by Teh Sheng as advisor and his associate Nick Albert Choo as founder. They brought in many members in the network to join this live pitching session.

The alliance network has been hosting virtual pitching sessions via WeChat. In each session, there is one selected speaker to speak on WeChat to group members within stipulated time period. But instead of virtual session, we proposed to do one live session in which their members would gather in person to listen to the sharing.

So the experimental live event was held in Storyteller’s Cafe, the same place where Teh spoke in last session. But instead of one speaker, we opened up the session for members to speak, each for 3 minutes, in line with Pitch ‘n’ Win event model.

8 members took the opportunity to speak and introduce about themselves and their business. There were a good variety of businesses shared, ranging from stock investing to coffee making, computer programming to bird nest business.

2 best presenters were chosen by the whole group out of all 8 speakers. Patrick Ku and Trista Chua were honored for their interesting stories. They were invited to elaborate on their sharing for 10 minutes each. Patrick shared more on technical analysis in stock investing, while Trista continued her life story on becoming a coffee barista and now conducting training on coffee making.

Event participants from Freedom Entrepreneurs Alliance

Event participants from Freedom Entrepreneurs Alliance

The founder of Freedom Entrepreneurs Alliance, Nick Albert Choo, was the featured speaker to share on how to build personal brand using WeChat. His sharing was so interesting that extra time was allocated to him to finish his sharing.

Last but not least, the alliance network sponsored a number of organizers to the participants. A mini quiz was conducted and a number of questions were asked related to the sharing of the day. The participants who answered the questions correctly received one organizer each.

Key Lessons

  • Like Facebook and other social media, WeChat can be used to build one’s own brand.
  • Out of many speakers, there are normally a few who are especially good speakers who can liven up and entertain the whole group.

【路演】真人秀 – 建立微信个人品牌 – Photo album

Lean Canvas & Growth Hacking Strategies

Pitch ‘n’ Win delegate to MaGIC Startup Academy Launch event Jerome Lee shared what he had learned in the event in an earlier sharing session in Putrajaya. But the 2-hour sharing was not enough for him to share what he had learned from all good sessions over 5-days in the event.

So we arranged a follow-up yet self-contained talk session for him on 20th December 2014 under the Pitch ‘n’ Talk event series. The talk would focus on Lean Canvas and Growth Hacking Strategies he learned.

Hosted by Wadud Mughal, the sharing session Pitch ‘n’ Talk #13 – Startup Strategies by Jerome Lee was held in Storyteller’s Cafe, right after a gathering and birthday party for one of our members. Most participants in the gathering stayed back to listen to Jerome.

As usual, 6 guests from the audience were invited to share about themselves and relate their business to the startup theme of the event. Richard Kok was selected by the group as best speaker and he elaborated on his startup experiences including his recent trip to Silicon Valley for his startup iKargo.

Group sharing on Lean Canvas and Growth Hacking

Group sharing on Lean Canvas and Growth Hacking

Jerome Lee then shared what he learned from MaGIC on business planning tool called Lean Canvas, and how to quickly grow a startup using Growth Hacking strategies. Some topics were quite technical and advanced. But in overall the session was heavy on content and benefited everyone.

Thanks to kind sharing of Jerome Lee, and Richard Kok who added a practical perspective, many participants were satisfied with the sharing session. Positive feedback were received after the event, including a first-time participant who was not in startup circle.

Key Lessons

  • Even 2 sessions were not enough to share what was learned from MaGIC over 5 days.
  • Related sharing from participants adds new perspectives to the topic.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #13 – Startup Strategies by Jerome Lee – Photo album