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Develop A Credible Brand

In the last MyMobileUni peer learning event in July, Yeap Eu Juan was selected to be the next speaker. He was invited to speak on his brand building experience in the next event.

The event Learn with MyMobileUni #3 – Developing A Credible Brand was hosted by Rani Wemel of MyMobileUni on 20th September 2014. The sharing session was held in PJ Palms Sports Centre, where Yeap is the General Manager taking care of the hub in Petaling Jaya for family and sports.

Yeap gave a one-hour talk and shared his experience starting and building his swimming coaching brand He enlightened us on how the brand is distinct from other swimming programmes and the challenges he faced in developing the business.

Yeap also shared how he got into managing PJ Palms Sports Centre, and some experiences being a steward of the place. The talk was very practical with advice from one who has gone through the challenges.

The peer sharing group in MyMobileUni event

The peer sharing group in MyMobileUni event

After the good talk, Cumavoo Wemel spoke and introduced us about MyMobileUni learning platform, where we can learn about anything online on the portal.

As it was a peer learning session, all participants were welcome to speak up, respond to the sharing and also share their own knowledge or experience if any.

The group were impressed by Jimmy Yeoh‘s sharing that they voted and selected him as the speaker of the next event by MyMobileUni.

Learn with MyMobileUni #3 – Developing A Credible Brand – Photo album

McDonald’s vs McCurry Trademark Issues?

The open learning event platform, OpenSchool.MY, organized its 8th sharing session in 2 months on 18th September 2014. This time it was on trademark and Intellectual Property (IP) presented by IP agent and trademark lawyer Lawrence Tan.

The event took place in SWAG Grill & Bar in PJ Palm Sports Center. The event headline OpenSchool.MY | McDonald’s vs McCurry attracted about 14 of us to gather eagerly waiting to listen to the speaker about the court case.

Lawrence started with his 45-minute sharing by giving an overview on the basics of trademark. Mentioning McDonald’s vs McCurry and other cases, he explained why it is important for businesses to protect their brand names by registering their trademarks.

The event participants were broken into 4 groups, each of them were to brainstorm for a good brand name for specific industry. The 4 industries included cafe or restaurant, online shopping portal, gym center and social media portal.

The brand names presented by the groups must satisfy the requirements of a legally registrable trademark as shared by Lawrence earlier in his talk. The requirements included invented words, no direct reference to the goods or services, and being distinctive.

Each group then discussed and presented their brand name. The 4 presenters pitched about the brand name and explained why it was a good name for branding and trademark registration.

Participants posed with Lawrence Tan after event

Participants posed with Lawrence Tan after event

Selvan Ramsamy won the best presenter award of the night for the innovative brand name his group came up, and his good explanation of the name.

With some time left in the session, Lawrence espoused on other areas on Intellectual Property (IP) including copyright, patent and trade secret. The 2-hour session ended but many participants still stayed back and lingered around for networking.

OpenSchool.MY | McDonald’s vs McCurry – Photo album