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Pitching Session in Work Palette

Thanks to MAD Incubator and Work Palette, Pitch ‘n’ Win has been able to organize a demo pitching event in the co-working and event space in Penang.

Work Palette is a co-working space for freelancers, startups, designers, creative minds and nomad workers in Penang and travelers passing by. Located in a refurbished classical house in Pulau Tikus, Georgetown, it is attracting talents and creative people to gather and help make an impact in the city.

The event Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Work Palette – From Idea to Reality was attended by about 35 participants. The gathering started with Zye Ramli from Work Palette welcoming the crowd and introducing us to the space. Then Pitch ‘n’ Win founder Ricky Soo explained the event and the concept of Pitch ‘n’ Win.

Special guest Jeffrey Lim then took the stage and shared how he started as an IT graduate and turned idea into reality to achieve success in business life. Jeffrey is a successful entrepreneur, property developer, investor, author, lecturer, philanthropist and former city councilor in Butterworth.

After Jeffrey’s inspirational talk, 6 presenters then took turn to pitch their idea or business to the crowd for three minutes each. It was like a series of lightning talks, with each speaker giving us some new insight or information on startup and business.

Interesting participants in Work Palette

Interesting participants in Work Palette

Everyone in the crowd was invited to cast a vote to choose the best 2 presenters out of the 6. Steven Pang and Reuben Ch’ng received the highest number of votes. Steven was especially remembered by everyone for giving out and passing around free food!

The 2 pitch winners were invited to speak for another 10 minutes. They elaborated on their presentation and also took questions from the floor.

The event ended with Chen Kim from MAD Incubator briefing us on the incubation network and various events for startups and entrepreneurs. Networking went on for another hour after the event late into the night.

With the good attendance, good speakers, interesting pitches and participation from the crowd, this event was one of the most successful Pitch ‘n’ Win events thus far.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Work Palette – Photo album

Business & Marketing Book Sharing

Gladys Wong from KL Book Exchange has been organizing book exchange sessions on the first Sunday of every month. The passionate founder started to experiment book sharing event by adopting Pitch ‘n’ Win event model.

Her inaugural event called Book Sharing & Exchange #1 – Business & Marketing was organized on 10th September 2014 and was hosted temporarily by our founder Ricky Soo who also started book sharing events 2 years ago.

The event was attended by about 14 participants who hungered for knowledge found in books and experiences of the presenters. 4 books related to business and marketing were presented in the event:

  • Marketing 3.0 presented by Eric Lim
  • Company Law in Malaysia presented by Ricky Soo
  • Duct Tape Marketing presented by Jeyaraman
  • Screw Business as Usual presented by Gladys Wong

First book sharing event by KL Book Exchange

First book sharing event by KL Book Exchange

Each presenter spent 20 minutes to introduce us about his or her book, along with the lessons learned from the book. Some questions were raised during the book sharing and there was vibrant discussion among the event participants.

Everyone was asked to choose the best book presenter, and Jeyaraman was chosen for his interesting sharing and experiences on marketing. He was invited to speak for extra time and he shared about his business and proposed one upcoming event he wished to do together with Pitch ‘n’ Win members.

The response was great, and we all brought home something learned in thee event. It was a good start by KL Book Exchange for a book sharing event in the Pitch ‘n’ Win platform.

Book Sharing & Exchange #1 – Business & Marketing – Photo album

Learning About Our Learning Capabilities

The OpenSchool.MY learning sessions continued as we invited Mandarin-speaking trainer Johnson Liang (连俊维) to share with us again on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Johnson had been invited a speaker before, as he shared about building rapport in a Pitch ‘n’ Win demo session in July and gave an overview on NLP in a former OpenSchool.MY session in August.

In this session called OpenSchool.MY | NLP学习及能力的层次 on 9th September 2014, he introduced us to the 4 levels learning capabilities. The levels pertain to what we know and what we don’t know. The topic was not a beginner’s topic but he made it so simple and easy to understand.

The group learning about learning

The group learning about learning

The participants were divided into 3 groups who then asked the important questions that might change them in their own life, and how much they knew about the answers.

3 members then presented their findings and results. We not only learned from our peers in the group, but also from the presenters from two other groups on life questions.

Kiiwii Ng was selected as the best presenter of the three. The session concluded with Johnson giving us feedback and more information related to the topic.

OpenSchool.MY | NLP学习及能力的层次 – Photo album