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Precise Affirmation, Pitching & Impromptu Speeches

Web hosting provider BizPartner.MY started its first business collaboration event in July and adopted the Pitch ‘n’ Win event model. It was well received and about 30 clients and friends turned up for the inaugural event.

The second event called BizPartner.MY – Get Precisely What You Want, BizPartner was held on 27th August 2014. This time it still consisted of a half-hour talk plus 5-minute pitching by 6 presenters. However, a new segment of impromptu speeches was added.

Abd Azharee Abdul Wahid was invited as the main speaker this time. He shared on the power of Precise Affirmation to get precisely what you want in life. He derived the topic from Precise Doa (Precise Prayer) from Islamic point of view. Azharee shared many such experiences in his life.

After the sharing, Azharee was invited to enlighten the audience on his upcoming Akademi Usahawan Mikro to help educate micro-entrepreneurs in Malaysia. His partner Lokman Hakim who attended together also shared a little about himself and his business.

Azharee spoke on getting precisely what you want

Azharee on getting precisely what you want

Then, 6 participants took the stage and shared about their ideas and businesses for 5 minutes each. They came from the F&B, direct marketing, education and will writing industries. There were 2 also who came all the way from Penang!

The audience were asked to vote for the best presenters by giving their name cards to the presenters they want to vote for. Gan Bee Ching from the education industry received more than half of the votes for her interesting sharing on education for entrepreneurs.

A new segment was introduced to allow other event participants to speak up about themselves from a given topic. 5 members were asked to speak on various topics such as “What do you see yourself in 10 years?” and “The power of networking”.

The impromptu speeches aimed to experiment whether this new segment was welcome or not. While it looked good and fun in the event, the result was not conclusive as it was late in the night and many didn’t expect to have the additional speeches.

The event closed after more than 2 hours but many participants still lingered around to connect and talk to one another. It was one good event with a good crowd and some validated learning acquired.

BizPartner.MY – Get Precisely What You Want, BizPartner – Photo album

2nd Mastermind Group on GST

We started the first mastermind and group consulting session in July. Danny Lim of Brexson Consulting spoke and consulted a small group in a mastermind setting where all members could help and learn from one another.

The chargeable event for RM200 per pax was repeated on 26th August 2014 . The event called Pitch ‘n’ Mastermind #2 – Prepare For GST Strategy Together was scheduled at night in co-working space Trep Alley in Serdang.

The turnout this time was lower as only 3 participants joined the event. Nevertheless, the session started with Danny sharing on certain topics in GST for half an hour.

Learning from one another on GST

Learning from one another on GST

Unlike the first time, instead of repeating the basics of GST, this time Danny spoke on more intermediate and advanced topics in the upcoming consumption tax. The audio-visual facilities were also better thanks to Trep Alley.

After the talk, the 3 participants started to ask and discuss the questions and challenges pertaining to implementation of GST in their business. The discussion and problem-solving consultation took more than 2 hours.

In particular, we discussed at length on particular problems faced in the construction industry, including the tax chargeable and its timing  in subcontractor work.

The 3-hour session ended around 9:30pm. It was again a good learning experience from one another for businesses on GST. We wish more companies could join in and be benefited in future.

Pitch ‘n’ Mastermind #2 – Prepare For GST Strategy Together – Photo album

Managing Life Crisis Together

OpenSchool.MY has been helping to impart street-smart knowledge and experiences to event participants since its inception in July 2014. This time, we invited Shinyi Tai from Three V-Admin Solutions to share about dealing with life crisis.

The event OpenSchool.MY | Managing Life Crisis started at 7:30pm right after an earlier event on career development at the same place in The Entrepreneurs’ Lab. The session was hosted by Jerome Lee who spoke and introduced Shinyi to the crowd.

Shinyi shared for about half an hour on experiences and lessons learned in her own life. She asserted that how we handle events around us depend very much on our own personal management.

She shared what CRISIS stands for – Consciously Remove Issue So that It Shrinks. The secret is to Simplify, Simplify and Simplify! And we need to be in minimal chaos before we can be objective with helping people around us.

Shinyi Tai impacting event partipants

Shinyi Tai impacting event partipants

The audience were divided into 4 groups to discuss a question given by Shinyi on the steps to take minimize chaos in our houses and hence potential threats and dangers that might happen to us.

After discussion, each group sent their representatives to present their findings and solutions to the crowd. Their ideas have been diverse but interesting. We all brainstormed together interesting lessons from one another to manage life crisis and threats.

TC Yeow was chosen by the audience as the best presenter of the night. After the event, some of us headed to restaurant nearby for late dinner and chatted until 11pm.

It was indeed a great learning session thanks to Shinyi and participation from everyone. In fact, it was opined to be the best OpenSchool.MY session so far!

OpenSchool.MY | Managing Life Crisis – Photo album