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Validation of 4 Ideas with Jimmy Yeoh

Veteran businessman Jimmy Yeoh started his first validation event 3 months ago where new business ideas were presented and put to test by all event participants and Jimmy himself.

The follow-up event Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh #2 was organized on 11th August 2014 to listen to the second set of ideas. Thanks to PJ Palms Sports Centre, we moved the event into its African restaurant called Out of Africa and reserved a room with a few tables for the event.

The host Ricky Soo first introduced the event, the coach Jimmy and the 4 presenters of ideas to the group of about 17 of participants, some of whom were startup entrepreneurs themselves. Soon we were broken up into 4 groups, each of which led by a presenter in the event.

The presenters shared their startup idea in the group they were assigned to. They were asked not to promote and hard-sell, but to listen for feedback from the group members as part of the idea validation process.

In the second round, the presenters changed group and moved to the next group to do the same. The ideas were meant to be tested for 2 rounds before the presenters came together to present to the whole crowd.

Group validation event in African restaurant

Group validation event in African restaurant

 After the group discussion, all participants came together to listen to the 4 ideas one by one. Each presenter shared for 5 minutes. Questions were raised and answered after the sharing.

Finally, Jimmy Yeoh came on stage and commented on each idea presented. Being a humorous yet direct person, everyone appreciated his feedback and advice on the pitches of the day.

Terri Low, a banker having an idea to manufacture some machines, was voted by the event participants for her best pitch in the event. The event ended with networking both inside and outside the restaurant. It has been a fruitful sharing and idea bouncing event for all.

Pitch ‘n’ Validate with Jimmy Yeoh #2 – Photo album

Win That Sale and Get That Girl/Guy

After the inaugural OpenSchool.MY event just 2 weeks ago, the second session was organized on 7th August 2014 on a funny and controversial topic on dating and business!

The event OpenSchool.MY | Win That Sale and Get That Girl/Guy was organized on 7th August 2014. The speaker Hankit Mok was to share lessons learned about business from dating experiences.

Hankit first shared about dating and business, and what the two have in common. Then he dived into details like “validation” in both relationship and selling, and how “pick-up artist” might “pick up” customers in business too.

The sharing was quite fun and sometimes even explicit. However, there were some comments and objections raised at the end of the talk. Obviously not everyone was agreeable to the ideas and techniques. Anyway it was meant to be exchanging and bouncing ideas with one another in the session.

All participants, consisting of all ages and from different walks of life, were split into 4 groups for group discussion. Each group can choose one out of four discussion topics given by the speaker. Two topics were on business, while the other two were on relationship.

Branding strategist presenting her group's findings

Branding strategist presenting her group’s findings

3 groups chose to discuss and present about business, while 1 group chose to speak on relationship. Each group sent a representative to present their findings and solutions to the problems.

It was fun to hear different perspectives from the groups on issues discussed. Christy Lee was chosen as the best presenter among the four. Incidentally, Christy also happens to be Hankit’s colleague in the same company.

OpenSchool.MY is an event platform where everyone can join to learn a street-smart topic from a speaker, and immediately discuss and present solutions to real-life problems to help learning and application in groups.

OpenSchool.MY | Win That Sale and Get That Girl/Guy – Photo album

Kawan Gathering Turned Into Pitch ‘n’ Win

Projek Kawan was started by our founder Ricky Soo first as a personal initiative to meet up with friends one-on-one. Then he started to do a small gathering in July 2014 for friends to interact with one another.

On 6th August 2014, Ricky organized Kawan Gathering #2 in the soon to be closed or renovated nostalgic hangout place A&W Drive Thru in Petaling Jaya.

The gathering attracted around 18 participants. The A&W restaurant was so packed and the ordering queue was so long that most of us gave up ordering anything. Instead, we all gathered in one corner and started our sharing session.

Few days before this meetup, Ricky was meeting friend Abd Azharee Abdul Wahid for an usual chat in Projek Kawan. Azharee was sharing his experience about sending signal to God or universe to get precisely what he wanted.

Azharee was invited to this Kawan Gathering to share about Precise Affirmation. He shared for about 30 minutes to the whole group. The authentic sharing was well received.

Gathering of friends in A&W PJ

Gathering of friends in A&W PJ

After that, everyone was invited to share something about themselves for 2 minutes each. Some briefly introduced themselves, and some took the opportunity to share the business or project they are doing.

A round of voting took place after the sharing. Alex Kani and Mack Chong received the highest number of votes. They were invited to elaborate on their sharing. Alex gave a positive and motivational sharing on his own experience. Mack talked about his stock investing experience.

Unlike the first gathering of only 7 friends together, this time it was a larger than expected group and turned out to be more like PItch ‘n’ Win then Kawan Gathering. Nevertheless, as a typical Pitch ‘n’ Win session, it has been good sharing among all participants.

Kawan Gathering #2 – Photo album