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Morning Discussion on Social Issues

Till June 2014, we have organized about 70 events in various places. All the events have been held in the afternoon or night.

The first morning session called Pitch ‘n’ Win COFFEE #1 was organized on 14th June 2014 when a group of us gathered in Starbucks in Berjaya Times Square for open discussion over coffee.

However, we immediately realized it was the World Cup 2014 season. Only 7 people turned up out of about 14 people registered!

Nevertheless, we started the small group gathering with a little word association game. The game was won by Renee Loke who was given extra time to share later.

Each of us took some time to introduce ourselves and share anything we want to. It was a free-flow discussion group. There was no time limit for each of us. The host just had to ensure everyone speaks up and nobody dominated the discussion.

A diverse group from 4 countries

A diverse group from 4 countries

The participants came from Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia, including an IT lecturer in a local university. Perhaps due to our different backgrounds, were able to discuss and brainstorm issues from various perspectives.

The chat has focused mainly on social issues. These included education, poverty, food security and community building. The passionate Renee contributed a lot to the discussion.

It was also the first time Ricky Soo shared about OpenSchool.MY in a Pitch ‘n’ Win event. It is a new platform to share knowledge for everyone and anyone.

At the end of session, Ng Shi Ping was chosen as the best contributor to the event. He was given extra time to share about his plan to help alleviate food and poverty issues by planting potatoes in acquired land.

Being the “winner” of the day, Shi Ping also got his coffee paid for, and he has been invited to host the next Pitch ‘n’ Win COFFEE event too!

Pitch ‘n’ Win COFFEE #1 – Photo album

How To Heal Ourselves From Anger?

Dynamic NLP Group managed by Ricky Soo experimented with a new event series called Healing Series based on the Pitch ‘n’ Win event model. Healer and counselor Rosemieen-Femide was invited to be the host, facilitator and speaker in the event.

Instead of a talk event, this event series is an open sharing and discussion event where everyone shares something and voices out his or her opinions on the topic of the event.

The first event called Healing Series – Anger was hosted by Rosemieen on 11th June 2014. It was was attended by 9 of us, just the nice size for an in-depth discussion group.

The session started with everyone introducing himself or herself. Then Rosemieen introduced the topic on Anger and told a story about it. Everyone was given time and invited to voice out what he or she thought about the topic.

One by one, we started sharing around the table. Soon, the discussion got exciting and participants got enthusiastic in sharing their views, asking questions and helping others in their issues.

Insightful round of sharing on Anger

Insightful round of sharing on Anger

The host Rosemieen facilitated the discussion and chipped in to add new points and taught us new lessons as event went on. The event turned out to be highly engaging. It was really educational peer learning session!

At the end of event, all members were asked to vote for the best contributor in the session. Freelance writer Ariel Chew was selected for her good and insightful sharing on her experiences and lessons learned.

Healing Series – Anger – Photo album

Explore 6 Income Opportunities in 2 Hours!

We organized a special meetup event called Pitch ‘n’ Win INCOME on 7th June 2014. It is a platform for all of us seeking to increase our income to explore 6 opportunities in under 2 hours!

Though over 20 people registered for the event, only half of them turned up due to various reasons. While waiting for those who might come late, we did one round of self-introduction and even played a game! Alvin Lai was the last man standing and won the ice-breaking game.

6 speakers were invited to present their income and business opportunities to the group. The speakers and their topics were:

  • Alvin Lai – Generate RM300K Yearly Income with Malaysian Law
  • Anjum Mohammad – Pitch n Earn
  • Mack Chong – Investing in Warrant as Easy as a Piece of Cake
  • Adi Shahazil – Make Your Business Skyrocket
  • Hii Wei Li – QR Code
  • Sofia Leong Abdullah – Franchise Business in Malaysia

Animated presentation by a confident Mack Chong

Animated presentation by a confident Mack Chong

Each speaker presented for 3 minutes each, followed by another 3 minutes of taking questions. After all 6 pitches, all participants were asked to vote for top 2 speakers they wanted to hear more.

During vote counting time, Alvin Lai who won the ice-breaking game earlier was asked to present anything for 5 minutes. He elaborated on the opportunity he pitched earlier.

The two pitch winners were Sofia Leong Abdullah and Mack Chong. Both of them elaborated their opportunities for another 15 minutes each. The session ended with networking for about half an hour.

Many participants who registered didn’t turn up for the event. The crowd were not as many as expected. But it turned out to be a very interesting and insightful learning sessions where everyone learned a few new things from the speakers.

Pitch ‘n’ Win INCOME – Photo album