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It’s Sharing Economy

Sharing economy is currently one of the hottest topic looking into the future. You can be sharing house, sharing trip, sharing communities, sharing other assets and resources for everyone’s good.

After organize 2 meetup events, Couchsurfing member Eric Lim from SOHOland was back to organize the third one on 29th April 2014. It was a specialized sharing session, with a slant toward sharing economy.

Interesting sharing by Shi Ping and Anjum

Interesting sharing by Shi Ping and Anjum

A group of 5 attended Pitch ‘n’ Play #3 to share their business and our thoughts on sharing itself. As it’s a small group, each of us could afford more time for sharing, conversation and discussion.

Eric gave away free stay in his sharing community as prizes to Ng Shi Ping and Anjum Mohammad for their good sharing. The gathering ended with chat and further conversations among participants.

The session also resulted in 2 collaboration opportunities with Pitch ‘n’ Win. A new event series called Pitch ‘n’ Validate event was decided for the next month. Discussion also started to co-organize interesting events with one philosophy meetup group,

Pitch ‘n’ Play #3 – Photo album

Turn Capital Into Gold 点资成金

William Tan from joined Pitch ‘n’ Win event in August 2013. Then he started a new series called co-branded Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL event since January 2014.

Having organized 3 pre-pitching events in English, the organizer decided to try out the same event but in Chinese language. On 21st April 2014, their first Chinese event called Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL 点资成金 #1 was hosted by Lu Chen Pin.

It was a great initiative not only because it filled the lack of similar event conducted in Chinese, but also because of the very suitable name 点资成金 which means “turning capital into gold” in English. Indeed, is such angel investing platform that provides entrepreneurs with the necessary capital to be turned into gold mine!

Fund raising pitching event in Chinese

Fund raising pitching event in Chinese

The event was attended by a good crowd of entrepreneurs, investors and business people. Altogether 6 ideas were presented. The first 4 presenters spoke in Mandarin, while the later 2 presented in English.

After each presentation, all audience were invited to ask questions and seek clarification from the presenter. It was a good round of idea validation too as valuable feedback was given by the crowd.

The audience voted Jarod Yeap as the best presenter. Jarod from Easy One Bikers presented a good opportunity for all of us who want to invest in their business and be a “motorpreneur” ourselves.

Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL 点资成金 #1 – Photo album


Pitch ‘n’ Win in Mandarin and Cantonese

Check out all available business sharing, pitching or networking events. You will find a good majority of them are in English, but not many in other languages such as Malay and Chinese.

The 3rd Chinese-speaking Pitch ‘n’ Win business sharing event was organized and hosted by David Tan from in one nice restaurant called Coconut House in Jaya One, near their office.

The event Pitch ‘n’ Win 中文版 #3 happened on 17th April 2014, and attended by 15 of us in business. David started by having everyone introduce himself or herself. Then 6 designated participants started to share about their business to the rest.

One of the 6 presenters consisted of a group of 3 led by Wesger Hue from the same company. They took turn to present their business proposition for mobile subscribers. They didn’t practise for the presentation but they coordinated very well.

Best ever Pitch 'n' Win in Chinese

Best ever Pitch ‘n’ Win in Chinese language

The sharing was done in a mixture of Mandarin and Cantonese, as some of us did not speak Mandarin. Businesses presented included Internet business, mobile app, advertising and healthcare.

All presented shared very well. It was a hard time to decide who stood out from the rest. Some of them got the same number of votes. 3 presenters were chosen and they are JM Ong, Ben Ng and WL Hii.

The 3 pitch winners were given extra time and they elaborated on their business. The event closed and networking started. The members stayed for quite a while before leaving the restaurant.

Again, there are not many business events in languages other than English. Are you interested to fill this gap and organize one in your chosen language? Contact us here.

Pitch ‘n’ Win 中文版 #3 – Photo album