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Finding Inno Mock Show Started

Undeniably, problems and issues abound in the world. But those of us who can creatively solve these problems for the rest of us turn these problems into opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. In fact, the human civilization has advanced thanks to innovations in these brains.

Finding Inno is a new platform where innovative solutions are to be found. It is an one-hour show condensed from our typical two-hour event. In order to come up with the right format and model, we started to do a mock show, experiment with the details to validate and learn from the experience.

The first mock show called Finding Inno #1 – Raising Capital, Creating Value was organized on 10th April 2014. It was held in the co-working space of Blac-n-Wyte in Putrajaya owned by Wadud Mughal. He was the overall coordinator of the event and is also the organizer of Pitch-Ur-Passion event series.

At the start of the one-hour show, the host Abd Azharee Abdul Wahid (organizer of Pitch ‘n’ Inspire series) gave an introduction of what the mock show was about. Then 4 pitchers took the stage, each speaking for 3 minutes and taking questions from a panel of advisers for another 3 minutes.

Farhan answering question with host and advisers looking on

Faran answering question with host and advisers looking on

The 4 presenters were Lawrence Tan, Shahriman Rahim, Eric Lim and Faran Shahbaz. Each presented a business or an idea to solve certain problem. Their pitch included the nature of the problem, their proposed solution to the problem, and the innovative aspect of the solution.

All 4 of them presented well. The panel advisers Rani Wemel and William Tan (organizer of Pitch ‘n’ Win CAPITAL series) asked them questions for clarification. The advisers also gave some general comments on the 4 presentations.

The audience voted Faran Shahbaz as the pitch winner of the day. Faran, an architecture student in Limkokwing Universitypresented unconventional wisdom on how best to handle road accidents.

Finding Inno co-created by Pitch 'n' Win organizers

Finding Inno co-created by Pitch ‘n’ Win organizers

The entire mock show was recorded in video, thanks to help by Rosemieen-Femide (organizer of Pitch ‘n’ Match series) and Eric Lim (organizer of Pitch ‘n’ Play series). This was the first time we ever recorded an event. It also marked the first time Pitch ‘n’ Win event organizers came together to co-create and organize something together.

The organizers met for post-mortem after the show. Lessons were learned but in overall, the mock show went well. We will keep improve and prepare for a better one next time.

Finding Inno #1 – Photo album

How To Increase Sales with NLP Modeling?

The Pitch ‘n’ Coach series entered its 4th month with trainer and consultant Horace Tee blessing us this time.

Horace is an expert and strategist specialized in sales and revenue optimization for companies. In this session, he focused on how to increase sales using modeling methods in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #4 – Increase Sales with NLP Modeling by Horace Tee was held on 2nd April 2014. The group gathered in one Starbucks and the host Rosemieen-Femide started the event introducing what Pitch ‘n’ Win and Pitch ‘n’ Coach are about.

Horace Tee then took on stage and started to share about selling and marketing. He taught us the LKT model to attract customers to Like, Know and then Trust a company in the buying process.

Happening coaching event in Starbucks

Happening coaching event in Starbucks

In the second half of the event, each of us shared something about ourselves, and presented our challenges faced in our own business. The case studies went beyond just selling even into business in general.

2 cases were selected as focus and they belonged to Chew How Hoon, Pauline Tan and June Low. Horace then focused on their cases and gave them coaching on their challenges. With some time left, Horace also helped answer questions raised by other participants as well.

Horace’s coaching was superb and the response was overwhelming, with participants eager to hear and learn more from Horace. We look forward to another coaching session with Horace again!

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #4 – Increase Sales with NLP Modeling by Horace Tee – Photo album

Business Sharing Event in Queensbay Mall

If you check Meetup and Eventbrite, you will see Penang is probably the most vibrant event place after Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

We organized a trial session in Penang too by gathering a group of business people each in his own field. They include property developer, technopreneur, engineer, and creative professional.

The event Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Queensbay Mall was held on 29th March 2014 and was also graced by Mr Jeffrey Lee, a former local councilor and NGO activist in Penang.

Potential ideas and collaborations found

Potential ideas and collaborations found

The session started with informal chat. Then each of us shared what we do. New ideas and possible opportunities for collaboration bounced among the participants.

Some of them were even glad to meet Jeffrey in person after knowing him from politics and other events. Steve Low and Jeffrey Lee were selected by the group for their interesting contribution to the session.

The trial session was successful one despite small attendance. We look forward to do a more formal and bigger event in Penang in future.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ Queensbay Mall – Photo album