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Pitch ‘n’ Talk Series Started

We received a number of requests from members to be speaker in Pitch ‘n’ Win events. Then it seemed we could do start a new event series with gamification applied across events.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk is an event platform where past pitch winners in any event affiliated with PItch ‘n’ Win can speak and facilitate discussion for one full hour. The topic presented needs to be beneficial to the members for their life, work or business.

The first event called Pitch ‘n’ Talk #1 – Discover Intellectual Property with Lawrence Tan was organized on 7th March 2014. It started with registered patent and trade mark agent Lawrence Tan sharing with us on the important yet neglected area of intellectual property.

He shared with us the 3 issues to consider even before we design our own brand. He gave the reasons why we should protect our brand even before launching our business.

Sharing on intellectual property by Lawrence Tan

Sharing on intellectual property by Lawrence Tan

After the talk, everyone gave their 3-minute pitch on their own business and idea. The event ended with voting, discussion and networking.

David Tan Yip Wai was selected for his most interesting sharing. He has been invited to speak like Lawrence did in a future Pitch ‘n’ Talk event.

If you were selected as a pitch winner in any event before, you can contact us to arrange for such talk to our members.

Pitch ‘n’ Talk #1 – Discover Intellectual Property with Lawrence Tan – Photo album

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Results

Dynamic NLP Group sets out to help bring about positive changes in its members’ lives, relationships and even people around. In order to achieve the purpose, the group engages NLP coaches to speak in useful and educational events for members.

On 5th March 2014, about 30 group members gathered in Starbucks in Bangsar Village II to listen to NLP coach and trainer Stephanie Lai. Her topic was Change Our Thinking, Change Our Results.

Specifically, Stephanie shared about a set of beliefs and attitudes called “NLP presuppositions” that we can adopt to empower ourselves for greater results in life.

These beliefs are such as “There is no failure, only feedback”, “We cannot no communicate” and “The meaning of your communication is the response you get”.

Throughout the talk and discussion for 2 hours, members responded actively and consulted Stephanie on the beliefs, and NLP in general. Stephanie graciously gave her answers and how they could overcome challenges and change for better life.

Crowd congregated to learn from Stephanie

Crowd congregated to learn from Stephanie

When your friend posts or comments something interesting on Facebook, you might “like” their posts or comments. Similarly, members in the event were encouraged to “like” one another whenever they heard interesting comments or contributions from other members.

They “liked” one another by writing comment on a sticker and giving it to the person they “liked”. The 2 members who collected the highest number of stickers were selected as the most “liked” members of the night.

The 2 members selected were Joanne Yong and Evelyn Loh. Joanne shared about taking care of patient with dementia disease. Evelyn talked about changing ourselves for networking with others.

The group members were happy and satisfied after the event, giving thanks to Stephanie for the learning they had gotten in the session. We look forward to more empowering sessions like this!

Stephanie Speaks #1 – Change Our Thinking, Change Our Results – Photo album

Spice Up Impromptu Speech with Magical Words

The new Pitch ‘n’ Speak event series was launched and well-received in January 2014. It gave a taste of practising our impromptu business pitch under expert coaching.

The Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #2 was organized on 1st March 2014 and hosted by the restaurant owner Ong Beng Chung. This time, a random magical word was given to each speaker that he or she must use at least twice in his or her two-minute impromptu speech.

The magical words included “generous”, “peace”, “love”, “health” and others. The challenge was to pitch about one’s business in 2 minutes, yet use the given magical word meaningfully at least twice.

All 8 magical words were used up by 8 different members in their speeches. The businesses introduced ranged from consulting, to server hosting, from cleaning services to unit trust investing.

After the speeches, Beng Chung gave his opinion on how to improve the pitching. Being an Competent Communicator (CC) in Toastmasters International, he provided valuable feedback to all of us.

The whole group chose 2 members they wished to hear more. The speech winners were new guests Chew How Hoon and Sandra Yang. How Hoon elaborated on her t-shirt business, and Sandra gave further details on financial planning with unit trust investing.

Fun event practising impromtu speeches

Fun event practising impromtu speeches

The event ended with a gratitude round where everyone shared something to appreciate for the event, for the day and for anything in life. The networking session went on for another one hour.

Beng Chung has done a great job organizing the event and giving evaluation to the speakers. The members gave praises for the event after the event and even on social media.

When were the last time you listen to a sales pitch attentively? In Pitch ‘n’ Win events like this, the group are motivated to pay attention to the speaker. They might need to vote to choose the best speakers, or the speaker on stage might be an interesting one they have voted.

Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #2 – Photo album