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Awesome Coaching by Richard Grannon

We are trying to adapt the Pitch ‘n’ Win event model in a coaching session and started the Pitch ‘n’ Coach event series. After successful first run on goal setting in January, we have been blessed with another great coach this month.

In the Pitch ‘n’ Coach #2 – Discover NLP with Richard Grannon on 19th February 2014, life coach and speaker Richard Grannon gave an awesome sharing to Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP).

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Richard founded the Dynamic NLP Group one year ago, and has been organizing over 30 interesting meetup events in Kuala Lumpur, facilitating interesting discussion, and growing the group to about 200 members.

At the start, each group member introduced himself or herself, and answered the question “What has NLP got to do with you?” Then Richard gave a half-hour animated presentation on NLP.

Animated presentation by NLP coach Richard Grannon

Animated presentation by NLP coach Richard Grannon

True to the Pitch ‘n’ Win philosophy where we want the audience to speak up, the whole group were asked to participate. Each of us responded to his talk by asking a question, giving comment or even presenting a real-world case.

After everyone has spoken up, the group were given 2 sticky notes for them to write comments for the 2 most interesting sharing in the group, and then stick the notes on the cloth of their selected members.

The two group members who got the highest number of sticky notes were Kriztel Kok and Lawrence Tan. Kriztel, who is an NLP coach and motivational speaker herself, shared her experience and exhorted the group to apply NLP for a greater life. Lawrence, an expert in intellectual property, presented his situations and received ideas and solutions from other group members.

Richard Grannon then spent some time responded to the sharing of all members. At the end, he gave a closing speech on his feeling for the group and his future direction. It was great to have him to bless us again before he leaves Malaysia for home soon in March.

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #2 – Discover NLP with Richard Grannon – Photo album

Let’s Pitch and SHAKE Ipoh!

The first Pitch ‘n’ Shake @ Ipoh #1 was organized in Jose & Deli Eatery, Ipoh French Hotel on 16th February 2014.

7 of us from different backgrounds gathered together. We were from IT, e-commerce, education, automobile and even gaming industry!

The meetup started in the cozy environment over the dinner. Everyone took turn to introduce himself or herself, and telling the group something interesting such as a new idea.

Instead of voting using paper, this time we did something new. We wrote comments on sticky notes, put them on the selected persons’ clothes and literally SHAKE them!

If you are polite, it means a handshake. But if you are not so polite, even a little violent, it means shaking the person’s body!

Members getting violent shaking one another

Members getting violent shaking one another

The 3 most “shaken” members were Stanley Ng, Mike Chu and Ricky Soo. Each of them elaborated on their business or idea. By the way, were the participants too shy to shake girls? :)

Stanley shared about the Ipoh community web site he is running. Mike briefed the group on his e-commerce platform selling used textbooks. Ricky raised a new social drive to integrate different races in Malaysia together.

All group members gave feedback to the business models and ideas presented. It has been a good sharing session.

This meetup has been significant because of 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s the first ever Pitch ‘n’ Win event out of Klang Valley. Secondly, we are trying out the most informal and agile way of organizing our events with the new “voting” method called “shaking”, and the minimum requirements to host one such event.

We would like to thank co-organizer Mike Chu for helping to host the event and bringing in new friends.

Pitch ‘n’ Shake @ Ipoh #1 – Photo album

Pitch ‘n’ Inspire @ Bual Bisnes Santai #3 Bersama Azharee Wahid

Alhamdulillah sesi Pitch ‘n’ Inspire @ Bual Bisnes Santai #3 yang amat bermanfaat ini berjaya dilaksanakan pada 15hb Februari 2014 dengan penuh perbincangan yang amat bermakna. Peserta yang hadir terdiri dari pelbagai lapisan usahawan; tukang jahit, katerer, pengeluar coklat Muslimin, pengusaha Butik Muslimah & Franchise partner Gloria Jean’s.

Antara perkara yang menarik diperbincangkan adalah cabaran usahawan dalam mendapatkan kakitangan yang berkualiti. Selain itu, isu pemasaran juga menjadi topik hangat dan juga aktiviti kebajikan oleh usahawan.

Usahawan yang berkongsi cabaran tersebut telah memilih 2 pemenang utama untuk Pitch lebih panjang dalam perkongsian cabaran dakam bisnes. Tn.Hj. Esa, pengasas Butik Muslimah Sahabat dan Puan Seri, pengasas Coklat Muslimin menjadi pemenang. Selepas Pitch panjang kesemua peserta terus berbincang dan berkongsi idea untuk cadangan jalan penyelesaian cabaran mereka. Kesemua nampak gembira kerana belum pernah menghadiri sesi seperti ini.

Bual bisnes santai dengan Azharee Wahid

Bual bisnes santai dengan Azharee Wahid

Semoga idea dari Saudara Azharee Wahid – Pakar Perancangan Perniagaan ini akan diteruskan ke masa hadapan.

Sekiranya anda berminat untuk hadir ke Sesi Pitch n Inspire @ Bual Bisnes Santai ini, anda boleh SMS/WhatsApp Saudara Azharee sendiri di 0176779886.

Selamat ber-pitching dan ber-network semua!

~ Azharee Wahid ( adalah pengasas dan pencetus idea Pitch n Inspire @ Bual Bisnes Santai.

Pitch ‘n’ Inspire @ Bual Bisnes Santai #3 – Album foto