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Coaching Event Series Started

We tried out a peer support and peer coaching meetup last month in December 2013. It was well-received with members sharing what they have achieved and showing gratitude for the past year. However, it would be better if only the host were competent enough to be able to provide expert coaching in the group.

With this in mind, we invited Coach Murphy Lum to give a talk on goal setting for 2014 and give coaching to members on the spot. The event Pitch ‘n’ Coach #1 – Goal Setting with Murphy Lum was held on 22nd January 2014.

The event started with Murphy giving his half-hour talk on goal setting. He gave us a very important lesson on setting and achieving our goals with the acronym EMOTE. He taught that our goals need to be Emotional, Measurable, Obtainable, Time-bound, and Exciting.

Enlightening talk on EMOTE by Coach Murphy Lum

Enlightening talk on EMOTE by Coach Murphy Lum

After the talk, all of us in the group immediately put what we learned into action. We planned and shared our goals for 2 to 3 minutes each. Then we selected Dr Cham to focus on his goals.

Dr Cham elaborated on his goals related to creating a network of entrepreneurs. Coach Murphy coached him as he shared. The coach also gave general feedback on everyone’s goals.

We were also blessed to have Jeyaraman to be our featured speaker. The seasoned trainer shared about his programmes, and even demonstrated his superb memory skills to the group.

It was an eye-opening session for many of us. Everyone gave a standing ovation to Coach Murphy at end of event. Dr Cham, though grilled by Murphy’s tough questions, later said it was the best Pitch ‘n’ Win event he ever attended.

With this successful event, the pitching + coaching event series called Pitch ‘n’ Coach has been validated. Would you like to join the next one?

Pitch ‘n’ Coach #1 – Goal Setting with Murphy Lum

The Launch of Pitch ‘n’ Speak

Zest Cafe has been very supportive venue provider as well as an active event organizer since the birth of Pitch ‘n’ Win.

Having organized the original version of Pitch ‘n’ Win meetup for 5 times, Zest Cafe pivoted their event model and started to organize Pitch ‘n’ Speak starting from January 2014.

In Pitch ‘n’ Speak, participants are given a topic related to business on the spot, and they are to give their Two-Minute Impromptu Speech (TIS) on the topic and relate to their business.

Zest Cafe boss Ong Beng Chung hosted Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #1 on 18th January 2014. 7 members participated in speaking and were given topics from wealth to business mission, and even one on the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Mr Tan Kok Heng sharing how to give impromptu speech

Mr Tan Kok Heng sharing how to give impromptu speech

We were blessed to have in our midst the guest speaker and speech coach Mr Tan Kok Heng, an Advanced Communicator and Advanced Leader in Toastmasters Malaysia. He evaluated all speeches and gave feedback to each of the speaker.

He also spent some time to teach us how to give a good impromptu speech, or “table topic” as it is called in Toastmasters. He also adapted his guidelines to the pitching and business nature in Pitch ‘n’ Win.

Dr Cham and Ravindran were voted as the winners of the day. Both of them gave another around of sharing of 5 minutes each. With this, the Pitch ‘n’ Speak event series has started.

Pitch ‘n’ Speak @ Zest Cafe #1 – Photo album

Start Your Co-Working or Co-Living Community

Eric Lim of SOHOland organized the second Pitch ‘n’ Play meetup on 16th January 2014 focusing on the theme to start a co-working or co-living community.

Eric started the meeting with a detailed explanation on his Co-working / Co-living Community (CCC) platform and how the participants could play a part in building up the community together.

Victor from Singapore, and Reda from Lithunia

Victor from Singapore, and Reda from Lithunia

Then all 6 of us introduced ourselves and what we could offer to the CCC platform and to one another. Reda Štarė and Victor Lau were selected by the group to elaborate further on their presentation.

In particular, Reda from Lithuania gave an interesting introduction on her community called PlateCulture where members dine in real home, eat authentic food, and connect with one another.

Both Reda and Victor won their prize to be a “proxy host”. They got an opportunity to stay in Eric’s co-living community and play the role of host to travelers around the world visiting Malaysia and living in the community.

Pitch ‘n’ Play #2 – Photo album