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Pitch ‘n’ Match #2 – Think Project, Think People @ Self-Discover How To Heal Our Life

The Pitch ‘n’ Match #2 event on Thursday November 21, 2013 at Boathouse TTDI. Joyce Lim was the hosts, and Rosemieen-Femide (me) from Self-Discover How To Heal Our Life?  was the organizer of this event.

“Think Project, Think People”

We came up with this idea as many from the first session messaged and wrote in for follow-ups and and more in-depth discussion. So we talked projects this time around!

Among projects that were pitched on this day were home-room-space rent out by two candidates, enquiring on job vacancies, academic/teaching projects to rural area and reaching youths to provide them with a renewed style of learning, modules-writing offered, marketing projects, event organising search and turning ideas into innovation. Discussions and sharings were talked out, brain-stormed to come out with better ideas, to improve, to suggest as well as to connect one another’s speciality. How to make use of it and to practical it.

Meetup event in Boathouse, TTDI

Meetup event in Boathouse, TTDI

Pitches were done by all 9 of us that attended. The winners were Wadud and Josie. Wadud briefed us on how he came about his plan on making the world a better place, turning ideas into innovation and getting idea generators paid. While Josie detailed out on how to reach the rural communities with a new enhanced learning method and style, bridging the gaps of the current academic system of the government and skills for youths to be successful in the real world.

It was another day of fun pitching and matching!

Ricky found himself 2 potential event organisers, Josie and Joyce found herself loads of new ideas how to carry out their new learning scheme as well assistance being offered in creating the program, Eric was connected to Wadud and me who were interested in his scheme of soho-home project of renting out space to travellers and getting paid, Jimmy went into a detailed discussion on his home-day rent in Penang project with Joyce and Josie. Hankit…he joined  in the tips of marketing and picture snapping.. Chee Yoong, left a bit early, but others were enthusiastic in contacting him further post-event.

It was a day of fine dining, double-shots expresso, pastas, salmon appetizing foods as well 😉

Good food and discussions it was indeed!


Pitch ‘n’ Match #2 – Think Project, Think People – Photo album

Pitch ‘n’ Match #1 – Matching Friends, Touching Lives

We had so much fun in this session Pitch ‘n’ Match series #1. Rosemieen-Femide from Self-Discover How To Heal Our Life? was the host for this event.

We decided to rename Social Pitching into Pitch ‘n’ Match, thus the birth of this event series :)

How did Pitch ‘n’ Match come about to be alive? It was one of the participants during Social Pitching that asked randomly, why not do matchmaking series instead. The organiser and me (Rosemieen) looked at each other and smiled.. “Why not?” “But instead lets just generally call it Pitch ‘n’ Match. So we ll see what happens for this event instead, what is matched spontaneously; business or relations”.

So we started our first ever session of it on Thursday, November 7, 2013 from 8pm to 10pm, called Pitch ‘n’ Match #1 – Matching Friends, Touching Lives.

On the event day, most came earlier than the allotted time. We did a bit of Ice-breaking using M&Ms chocs.. and proceeded to pitching and voting. Everyone was looking for matching up to somethings; clients, partners, collaborators.. and there just happened to be at least one for each of us! Joyce and Hankit got connected to me. Hankit ordered a Numerology reading from me, and I in return requested his marketing advice. Joyce and Hankit networked to work on marketing strategy for her tuition centre.

Group photo of first Pitch 'n' Match

Group photo of first Pitch ‘n’ Match

The winners for the pitch were Jimmy Cheong and Murphy Lum. Murphy talked about how he was inspired to start his contribution in uplifting society and assisting to make the world a better place. He had started projects for youths, inspiring them to do social based projects in rural and less-than-fortunate neighbouring countries, out-sourcing for grants and monetary.

Jimmy Cheong, on the other hand shared about his life story and how he is looking for mentors and motivations in his life to become an energised enthusiastic and better person.

Everyone had discussions and contributed to giving more insights and inspiration to the other. We had such a splendid time, that we were still talking away and chatting, even through after the event, not even noticing the time and the restaurant closing time! The Manager had to come over and politely remind us of them closing up the restaurant.
The words that come into my mind for this session is Fun and network!

Pitch ‘n’ Match #1 – Matching Friends, Touching Lives – Photo album

Pitching Turned Into Consultation By Roger Kerk

Branding trainer, consultant and author Roger Kerk hosted the third and last meetup in his Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk series on 13th November 2013 (Wednesday).

The event attracted 10 business and working people from different industries. Everyone took turn to talk about his or her business or brand story for 3 minutes.

As usual, Roger gave feedback on each presenter’s business and presentation. Being straight-talking, he had no reservation in teaching and coaching us to be better presenter, business and brand owner.

In particular, Roger spent a good chunk of nearly half an hour talking about Pitch ‘n’ Win alone. Being an early supporter and adviser to the founder Ricky Soo, he gave candid comments and criticisms on Pitch ‘n’ Win, as well as BookPeckers also founded by Ricky.

Everyone benefited from Roger's valuable advice

Everyone benefited from Roger’s valuable advice

Pitch winners were Susan Guan and Jerome Lee. They gave interesting pitches about their therapy spa and cultural show businesses respectively. However, Roger chose not to proceed to the next stage for the winners to elaborate and ended the gathering on time.

After the event, one presenter and pitch winner in a previous meetup Eric Lim spent one sleepless night to come up with an emotional story for his brand. In the story, he tells how he has “dated” 200 women in 2 years! Roger has impacted everyone indeed.

Pitch A Brand with Roger Kerk #3 – Photo album