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The Pitch ‘n’ Win Experiment

The very first Pitch ‘n’ Win (PnW) meetup was held on 13th July, 2013 in Zest Cafe, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

By then, web hosting company BizPartner had been organizing its monthly Business Sharing Over Dinner (BSOD) meetup events for clients and friends. But the response was not great.

A new event model was needed. Why not create a platform where everyone can pitch? After all, each of us needs to sell something to prosper in life. It’s a real human need.

What if the element of gamification was added in as well? How to make sure the audience listen to the pitches? Why not let the audience vote for the top presenters so that they can hear more from the winners?

First Pitch 'n' Win MeetupSwimming coach Eu Juan presenting his business

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ BizPartner #1 was organized and hosted by Ricky Soo. The response was great. Over 20 guests attended. 6 presenters pitched their business. Soft-skill trainer Victor Lau served as featured speaker and taught us how to pitch. The first two pitch winners in our history were Rani Wemel and Yeap Eu Juan.

Everyone learned new ideas and enjoyed the positive energy flowing around. It was a good start for this new event model. Let’s continue doing it then. Pitch ‘n’ Win (PnW) was so born.

Pitch ‘n’ Win @ BizPartner #1 – Photo album